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Wednesday, 02 November 2011


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Alexa, your templates over the past month have been the first things that have clicked in terms of a design for me this year. I have adapted JYC as more of a diary over the past two or three years, this year I have decided to stop at the 25th like a December Daily and have a separate mini or even a couple of pages for the rest of the summer holidays.
I will certainly do this in digital format and wanted to have something a bit like my LSNED album, so, I may adapt your template to suit that format.


Oh, why not use both? They would work well together and give you flexibilty; with a longer project you need some variety.


That's the wonderful thing about being creative... as soon as you decide on a design rule you want to vary it!! My personal favorite double page spread design is a full page photo/s facing a page that has lots of space. So I think you could mix it up. You could have the full page photo blocks facing the white space photo blocks. Or you could have the full page photo blocks facing the journaling blocks. Or for super photographic events you could do the full page photos on both sides. That'd work, don't you think? I would have the gaps between the photos the same on all templates, though, to be consistent.

Jennie Hart

Well my thoughts are that they are both lovely :) I would think it would depend on time. I love the rectangles, they are less worrying about the amount to cover. I love the 'book' which is what the other layout says it should be, it would make the best book, but more time consuming and you would need more to cover it. So I guess it would be about time, if you have loads I would go with the book, if you don't, the rectangles :)

Great photos, I have a view on my way to work and I need to stop and photograph it rather than thinking, 'I must stop and photograph that'. :)

Paul B

Both look fantastic and will produce a beautiful album at the end. I'd say, go with your gut or "intuition". However, if asking for my preference I'd say the top one (is the voice in your head strongly agreeing with me or saying I'm wrong, the bottom one's better?) And love your back to back photos of the autumn view. The warmer days this year have meant the trees have kept their leaves for longer and are glowing in their golden colours. I've noticed it too on my walks down by the woods. Pxx


Honestly, either would be perfect! I told myself I would make Christmas cards for the first time this year - I haven't made a start on that either. Life can get very busy!


LOL, Amy beat me to the punch. I think use both depending on the story, they would work fantastically together. I'm thinking I might do December daily this year but haven't got close yet to settling on the design.


either -or, or both. so long as you journal in your inimitable fashion all will be well my dear.


I love the first - but what would you do on days without much to say? Or on days that had a lot of photos. The second one has more flexibility - paper, patterns, photos, journalling, white space ... BUT that flexibility brings further choices and choices require consideration and consideration takes time ... which will be in short supply! So on balance, perhaps the first one is more suitable?

Jacky S

I think you should use both as well.....they'll look great side by side....or even dotted about depending on whether you're photo heavy or journaling heavy that particular day.


I really love the first layout - leaving you lots of space for words and stories. And - amazing seeing the same view one year later. Nice to keep track of changes and seasons like that!


Would a combination work, Alexa? Some pages with few photos, but lots of space to journal, others with lots of photos and just the odd rectangle of journalling/text? Of course, that now introduces a third option... oh dear...
Sorry, perhaps I'm not much help after all!

I'm not sure if I want to do a "December Daily" or "JYC" etc... Maybe I could do it as blog posts and then print them off - like Amy sometimes does. Perhaps I could have a digital template and post a digi-page every day...
I hadn't thought about it before today, but everywhere, on so many blogs, people are posting about preparing their "JYC" or "December Daily" or "Christmas Book", or whatever they call it... Oh dear (again)... sigh

You know, whatever you choose in the end, it will be fantastic - because you are very good at these daily recording projects. I will watch out to see what you come up with!


If I were choosing for myself, it would be the first template - knowing full well that if I have a day with nothing to say... that journaling template could be turned into a full page photo blown up nice and big. And on days that I don't have photos - the second page could just be filled in with patterned paper and embellies. Your templates allow for so many possibilities!


My first thought when I saw your two layouts was to incorporate both! Why not alternate because I think it would look great with both! I love your two photos side to side! What a great idea to take the same a year apart! I need to do something like that!

Karen Walker

I love the first set, but probably because I know I would never have enough photos (except on Christmas Day) to fill the others, and I love the white space. I think a combination of both (as many have suggested) would work wonderfully.

Alison McInnes

I like the first one...but that's probably because I like to journal....I like the idea of journalling on a separate page for something a little different this year..thanks for giving me something to ponder!
Alison xx


I'm sure whatever you decide you'll have some fantastic photos and brilliant stories. Maybe swap it around depending on how many photos you have or would that mess with your desire to be simple.

I'm just impressed that you're deciding already as I've never JYC or DD :)


I love both designs and to see a mixture would be great. Just take each day as it comes and see how you feel xx There must be something in the air, i've just posted about JYC and DD xx


Yes I'm with the use a mixture of both for the month long project.
We have been talking at work about the extraordinary weather we are having, a few of us have noticed so much more colour this year, thank you Paul B, we haven't just imagined it then or more likely 'forgetting' things!


It's a difficult choice, Alexa, because both layouts are flexible and well designed. But personally? I'd pick just one for a project, and I'd probably opt for the second. I wish I had your skill at designing digital layouts. I really need to spend some time playing with Photoshop!


I think whichever you chose you cannot lose because both look great! They are forecasting snow (possibly for Thursday night!)


I feel myself drawn to the top design, because it looks like a lovely book spread. However I can see that the bottom design would work well and possibly be more flexible and certainly be easier to fill on busy days.


difficult choice choosing one of the layouts but since I like to journal it would probably be the first unless I took over one of the pics spot to do that! Love the fall pictures. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #68


I Ike the one that gives the journaling space. Tho it's said a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm convinced that the written word will win the day. Plus, you have such a wonderful way of telling a story that I look forward to reading your pages as much as I enjoy seeing them.

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