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Wednesday, 09 November 2011


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Looks like you've come up with a very workable plan. Bet you 're feeling so-o-o relieved now that you've resolved your dilemma.I'm looking forward to your pages.


Glad you've settled on a design. I'm still dithering. Knowing it will be mostly digi, now going through all my digi stuff (I have tons of digi Christmas stuff!) and trying to pick one or two kits to use exclusively so I don't overwhelm myself. I really want to make some decisions and keep it simple!


Beautiful Alexa! I love how you used the inspiration! I'm happy that you have come up with a decision. I'm still undecided but I'm sure something will come to me eventually. Here's something that will make you chuckle - I just recently finished a project from 2007 (documenting December 2006!!) but I did finish it, inky stamping and all :)


Making a decison is half of the battle! I was gung-ho a couple of days ago and am feeling like a fence sitter today, I am admiring your decisiveness!


Glad you've made a decision! Sounds very do-able! I'd like to use up the older Christmas photos this year so have resolved to make a Cristmas Past album, influenced by JYC and December Daily. Mine will be paper scrapped.


I'm in the "it's all still in my head" category.

I totally agree that some people have a true talent for gift giving. And I think there is a gift for saying thank you gracefully too :)


What a beautiful gift!!! You're inspiring me to do a pre-holiday project!!


Glad you are decided. I am really looking forward to seeing your finished pages.

Paul B

Excellent to see you've committed and made a decision :) Mind you, we who are your loyal followers, will be in awe of your work no matter how you make your pages. We already know they will look stunning and a joy to see as they unfold on your blog :) Pxx


Yes, I agree with the others - it's good to make the decision and to choose what feels right for yourself.
Perhaps it's like buying clothes or shoes - just because someone else has a gorgeous pair of pink suede ballet-flats, doesn't mean you really would be happier with the same at this time; you need new shoes, and perhaps the sensible brown lace-ups are less glamourous, but if they are to be worn for regular dog-walking (for example!), the pink pretties would be worn out and ruined in days, whereas the "boring brown lace-ups" would stay comfortable and would still look good after a bit of polish.
So similarly, digi scrapping may not be so "glamourous" as fancy paper and cool embellishments, but if it provides you with the way to make a (complete!) book, filled with interesting journalling and good photos, then it's the right one for you! So glad you are happy with your decision, after your momentary wobble.


Glad you are 'sorted' Alexa:) What lovely happy mail you received. A delight to see them on your door mat.
I have RUB full of my Christmas stash, ready to begin, but feel myself drawn towards an inky/painty journal this time around. Decisions, decisions!


your decision sounds good...i've yet to make mine :)


So happy you were able to come to a decision Alexa :) I already shared where I am at, I am completely going with the flow on this one... I'm wondering if that is so smart... I have seen the papers of the album I am making in the class and they are very suitable for Shimelle's JYC too! PS the cards look so pretty!


I'm in the "Eek" camp - so so so much to do!


That is lovely! Yay for making a decision and working on being very prepared. I don't generally give a thought to December until after Thanksgiving here.

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