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Monday, 14 November 2011


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Not indeed!
Yes, I have been layering my templates and copying my papers to a folder that contains all my 2011 goodies. I have made journaling templates with only one column, now I see yours with two and I am wondering if I should go for two as well? I did read something by Cathy Zielskie recently about not making a single journaling column wider than five inches, so having two gets around that problem very well.

As for adding in the seed heads on the journaling side, can you have them in a layer and turn on or off after you've made a couple and see how they look? I think the idea is a lovely way to add continuity, but it is hard with larger elements, and I find that I need to see them within the project as it is taking shape before I make a final decision.

I'd say you sound more than ready to face the silly season!


I agree wholeheartedly that even with digi, preparation is key. And the more you have done ahead of time, the more likely that the project will be complete by the end of the season! Seems you have a good start.


Wow, between you and Amy... you both are very organized... and I'm impressed that you have extra cartridges!


Yes, I remember reading that too - I think on a 12x12 a single column is hard to read, but perhaps less so on an 8x10 or an 8.5x11 by the time you've accounted for the margins? I've found in the past that a too-narrow column is awkward for journalling in too and can look very ragged. Popping the elements on a layer is a good idea, as I am not at all sure about them right now - I've printed a few and I am squinting at them ever so often!


Nasty past experience ensures the extra cartridges, Ginger, especially when you have to order them by post a few days before Christmas!


wow Alexa! You are so well organised! Well done:)

Paul B

I'm in awe of how well organised you are. It is definitely one of your many strengths. Although I'm a list maker, I'm not sure I'd ever be called organised. Spare batteries for camera? Is this put on your list from bitter experience lol. Px


You seem very organised to me Alexa. It always make me smile, when people who have never tried digi, think it is somehow cheating or the easy option. It really isn't!
Like Paul B, I am a big list maker, but sadly very disorganised!


Came to visit following your recent comment, and remembered again how much your reflections resonate with mine. On this and previous postings, I'd have to say that you've convinced me - digi isn't for me, not when I can play with paper and bits of stuff. All the organising you're talking about sounds more like hard work than fun - but I do love seeing the results!!


Hi Rosie, and I am honoured you came to visit! For anyone reading, please do visit Rosie's lovely and inspirational art journalling. I guess my kind of digital is a simple way of recording daily experience through photos and journalling easily and clearly - a kind of photo diary. I'm one of these people who finds organising both fun and soothing, alas!


Now that's organised! I think that's what might be called "preparing to succeed" in fact. It'll be fabulous.

I'm making an inspration board for my album. But of course that's the fun bit..

Jacky S

You look amazingly organised to me,Alexa.....I've got my paper chosen and that's just about it so far.


Gosh, this looks very organised! Can't wait to see how you progress with this. Didn't realise you had to be so organised to scrap digitally - I've not gone in for digital scrapbooking at all, so it is all a mystery to me! Actually, it doesn't surprise me that things have to be organised - I can't imagine trying to do all of the above without some organisation!


it sounds like you have it all sorted out Alexa....I really need to get myself sorted now!!

Karen Walker

I'm so glad you shared your list. I'll be doing paper with some digital templates, but haven't had time to do much preparation. We leave tomorrow and come back on the 29th, so I'll not have as much time as I usually do to prepare. Your list will help me focus, and while I'm away I'll try to make some decisions on the templates which I always leave to the last minute!


Too organized? I say not! Reads to me that you're quite prepared and ready for (nearly) anything. Doubt that I would've thought about additional cartridges for the printer until I needed them. This post makes me think about all the ways we automatically plan for the days of our lives: shopping weekly for groceries; paying bills; etc...and yet, we often don't translate those same skills to documenting our lives and special seasons. I am thinking that preparation enables us to enjoy the serendipity of the season and to avoid the sense of overwhelm and getting caught up in being " behind." I applaud and thank you for triggering this thinking ...and sharing some tips and ideas that we, too, can adopt.


I am impressed that you have this so well thought out. But if my Christmas crafting is any indication - and this might not hold true for digital - everything takes longer than you think it will. And you'll change your mind more than you think you will - well, maybe not you, but I did.

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