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Monday, 21 November 2011


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A thesaurus seems an unusual prize for closely guarding the vending machine ... unless it was your choice of course. Hmm, I am not sure, there is enough that is interesting and unusual for each item.
I absolutly LOVE that you have documented Clothesline Week, such an obscure piece of information that helps to tell a great life story!


Love the confessions. I wonder if that thesaurus is what gave you such a love of words.

Jennie Hart

Hmmm, i'm struggling to imagine you failing at things so I am vacillating between the art slide and the driving....i'll go with the driving...I think!
You add just enough detail to sell them all well.
International Clothesline Week is brilliant, I love your layout and you describe their after-hours antics so well (did you go?).

Yes, Nov 30th looks good, however i'm more intrigued by tomorrows start a new country day. I have the day off so i'll see how I get on.


They are all so wildly bizarre that I have no idea which one is NOT true!!

Paul B

I haven't a clue which one of the list is false. I want to believe that ALL of them are true lol. Love the layout with the clothesline tags. A very quirky subject to scrap and perfect for you lol. Pxx


mmm cannot spot the false confession - maybe the first one? With a nick name of craftypinpin I'm looking forward to Nov 27th National Pins and Needles day! Love that site.

Jacky S

Not sure about this at all.....I'd possibly go for one....except this scenario rings a bell with me as well!!!!!


I love these obscure 'National Days' of this and that! As for the false confession, I just can't pick it. Perhaps the driving, because I was late to that party too.


Were you a fan of Call My Bluff? You'd have been good at it! I think you'd be a pretty good contestant on Just a Minute too ... if the subject was Clothes Lines!

My guess is Number Two - did schools have vending machines when we were young?


Absolutely no idea! You are scarily good at this..but I will say that I was hsopitalised with sickness when I was expecting TTO, and if that one is true, I know how very miserable it is1

Alison McInnes

I'm with JimJams and going for number two..love your LO!
Alison xx


What a hoot! I can't even begin to guess. I'll have to check back on Wednesday!!


lol!! well i'm up for a guess and feel that it could be No 2.....we didn't have vending machines at school either. Will be checking back on Wed to find out x


I am off to look at the calendar - I have been looking for some daft ones for the school powerpoint and these sound just the ticket. I wasn't sure about the monastery but haven't really got a clue :0)


I'll go for one, although I'm pretty sure we didn't have a vending machine, Oh what a tease, roll on fess up wednesday day. x


The calendar of dates is just too funny!! Who'd of ever thunk??? Love your little clothesline. Perfect!


Any one on your list is a winner! What fun and thanks for turning us on to the calendar. Great resource. So enjoyed this post: brightens up a grey, rainy day .


A great list of confessions - not sure though! Off to have a look at your link to see what other fun days we have coming up :)

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