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Monday, 07 November 2011


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I say go for it! I laughed out loud... I really like your clean, digital album pages and I also like this page alot.

I appreciate your dilemma, tho' I am in no way a digital scrapper - a fantasy I've had for way too many years. But back to you: perhaps a coin toss, heads/ tails? I'm sure whichever way you choose, the pages will be spectacular. T'will be interesting to see which way you go...



Love this page. Love all the interesting things to look at-the little holes, backed carefully with colours picked out from the Basic Grey pp, brads again chosen carefully to imitate the same colurs and the carefully drawn circles on your doodling.
Nothing like paper and embellishments for me. (But then I am a complete techno idiot).
P.s. sorry about the But!!!!!!!!


Put them away! We'll have none of that stitchy, inky, gluey, punchy nonsense!!! Just as we finally settle on a specific style, we stray. Isn't it insane? What was I saying about being creative beings?!!! Here's how I tackle it - I have different albums with different styles. So if I feel like a hybrid binge I work on that album (an 8x8 fun album with mementos and what-not in it). Generally my pages are digital because life is to short for hybrid/paper scrapping as the only way of memory keeping.


I like that idea of having different albums for different creative styles - maybe a digital daily and a separate hybrid one to add to now and then when you want to get gluey?


You've really raised a laugh, Esther - love your punchy no-nonsense reply! I'm listening. :)


Having cake AND eating sounds good! :)


Alexa - i agree with the others - different albums for different styles. I'm definately a paper and glue girl myself but in doing a daily journal such as JYC I do wish I could get to grips with digital because it would allow me to get all those details down quickly.


I haven't committed to a style for December yet either. I saw a class on doing a December album art journal style and started drooling! But the realistic side of me knows it has to be mainly digi if I'm going to manage it all during December. Listen to that inner voice that knows what you can handle. Me, I'm saving the art journaling for when I have more time and less stress!

Paul B

If you're "true north" creative voice is telling you to go hybrid, go hybrid. I may be the last person on this planet to discover that Donna Downey has a duel creative personality. Queen of clean & simple, I found out this weekend, is now a messy, inky, playful art journaling girl. And I know i've always juggled both the designer and artist in me. By all means have different albums for different styles. Or break the rules, and incorporate all the different styles into just one book. As I said in a previous comment. Be instinctive. Be intuitive. Listen to what your head and heart are telling you. Run a hot bath, light a candle, put on soothing music and who knows, you too may have a eureka moment :). Pxx


I say go hybrid Alexa!


It's Christmas - treat yourself! On the other hand, you'll have enough to do - stick with the plan and make some hybrid pages after the New Year!


Lovely page Alexa, I'm a paper & glue kind of girl myself, which leads nicely to the question you asked on my blog lol, I print out all of the papers I use from Sarah Hurley as I can't get to grips with digi, but loads of girls on the team use them digi style, so they're really versatile. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

Alison McInnes

Sounds like a difficult choice for you Alexa!
Alison xx


LOL....oooops. I do like the stitching and punched out holes.... but with your houseful will you be able to have paper supplies out?


ummmm decisions, decisions!! I'm not in a position to help you out as i still haven't decided what to do! Although mine is down to size more than anything else. Go with the paper and glue...there's nothing more relaxing than moving bits of paper around and it sounds like you might need a little of that with your houseful over christmas :) xx

Karen Walker

I vote for hybrid, because I love your style, and would enjoy seeing your pages. I'm pretty sure mine will be a combo--some digital templates, but printed and put on paper with embellishments. I ordered a 3-ring binder (8X8) and it just looks so big for a Christmas journal so I'm wondering if I could use it for a couple of years.


Well it looks as though you have had lots of great feedback here already. I did like Cheri`s comment though about doing what you know you can handle, because as we all know, this time of the year is crazy and plans are very good to have. This year I have planned to attend a December Daily class the last weekend of this month, and I hope to incorporate Shimelle`s prompts. I really had no time this year to think about how I was going to plan this out, so I am leaving it up to someone else to give me the supplies :)Good luck, whatever you do decide to do will look amazing... this I do know.


A coin toss sounds as good an idea as any to me! I feel this way about knitting projects at the minute. I started a new cardigan as a Christmas present, so I'm committed to finishing it - but there are so many lovely choices out there..

Whatever you decide, we will enjoy watching it come together


This is certainly a very lovely double page layout. I don't doubt that you really enjoyed making it and the results make the time you spent very worthwhile.
But that was one double page, about one topic.
You're considering "real paper" or "hybrid" scrapping for a whole month's project. Which is really a rather different thing...
I would say, stick to your original Plan.
If you find a set of embellishments or numbers etc, that would enhance your well-designed digi pages, then go with those and use them to add a little extra.
But, if you are likely to be as busy as most people are at this time of year... Well, isn't it better to have a clean and well designed Finished Digi Project, rather than a half-done paper one, which you simply couldn't find time to keep up with?
After all, it's not as if it's your last ever scrapping... you can always do paper or hybrid another time (and another, and another...)
So, that's just how it appears to me right now...
See you soon, on 25th!


Ah! I feel your pain. I want to do a Dec Daily this year and can't decide whether to do it digi or hybrid. So many choices! I'll be waiting to see what you decide. [and I'll have you know that it was Esther that got me interested in hybrid in the first place ha!]


I'm a little late to the party here..but - I've gotta say - I do love the look and feel of this hybrid layout. But again - you're in the middle of another project. Maybe finish that..and then start this???


Oh...I so agree. I love the speed and ease of digi but oh how I love to feel papers and embellishments in my hands :)

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