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Monday, 31 October 2011


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Jennie Hart

Sounds like you have some good plans :) I had a lovely day off yesterday and feel really rested for a change. The extra hour did me the world of good. I have plans this week to carry on enjoying the pretty paper party, do a chrismas card a day, get out running which I haven't done for over a month.
Oh and some boy-wrangling after the relative freedom of half-term.


Wow! What a wonderful view. Couldn't think of a word for view beginning with 'w'!
Sounds like some enjoyable times were had. One more day, before it's back to school tomorrow. There may well be some boy(and girl)-wrangling going on here too!


Wrangling - that's a great 'w' word! Sounds like it's a licking-into-shape kind of day. I remember them well!


Double-wrangling :). Wasn't sure it will be between the two of them or between you and them. Or perhaps both? :)

Jacky S

Sadly my week is work, work, work......but hoping for a little creative time as well.Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend....and our weather too was glorious [apart from a little rain]....so much of it spent bedding down the garden for winter.

Paul B

Ahh, the Peak District is perfect for a day out in the autumn sun. We did the same around Sheldon last Friday. Great exercise & very relaxing. We took a camera but didn't use it. Too busy delighting in the peace and quiet. :) Hmmmm, trying to think of a "W" to describe my upcoming week. Not easy. Okay, got one. Wearing the world as a loose blanket. Enjoy your week. Pxx


it's back to work for us this week. i've been wondering about my Christmas journal too.Great photo. wishing you a wonderful week x


Working out the shape of the week ahead. I like that very much indeed. I think that's what I'm doing today, as I look at two half-term teenagers watching tv in their pyjamas! I hope you weave a week that works for you :)


Oh Alexa, I'm pining for those hills now......


What a wonderful window into what is going on in your world Alexa - the wide photo stitching is cool too :D


Sounds like a lovely weekend. I'm excited as I'll be traveling this week to visit my nieces, all the way through the weekend!

Alison McInnes

Water-world here at the weekend..wet and windy! Glad to say the sun's back and the wall's have dried out!
Alison xx


My w is working I'm afraid, there's also the usual whining about it, I am also wondering about my December craft project. Actually, I had a wonderful weekend with family so I'm gong to forget everything else and weminisce about it...sorry couldn't help it xx


Great take on "W" and the photo is superb. Guess my addition to the list: Way happy Nov is here~ one of my fav months, because it is the beginning of my favorite season and I suppose, it also happens to be my birth month ;-)).


Hi, there, fellow organizer. I must say that when it comes to photos, I'm quite satisfied with Adobe Lightroom. The learning curve is reasonable for the beginner but there's enough substance to the program that it will see you through the long run. Whatever you do, good luck with your clean-up project.


wonderful photograph, wonderful view, wonderful hills, wonderful words.

Karen Walker

Love the long photos! Earlier in the fall, I made some plans for the December Christmas Journal and even purchased an album for it. I guess I should get busy with some design ideas as Christmas will certainly creep up on me this year. We're going out west for Thanksgiving, and it will be the last day of November when we get home!


As always Alexa, a great post and I love the take on "W". The panoramic photo is lovely and you could not do the sceenery justice without this effect. What a wonderful place to live...

Kirsty Neale

Wonderful. Obviously...

Am especially enamoured of (and inspired by) your stitched panorama - a glorious view, and just as beautifully captured.


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