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Friday, 14 October 2011


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Well, I CAN see the hand and the sleeve! And i think the blurred photo is perfect for conveying the emotion of the day. Goes well with your journaling. I think Himself may need glasses.


I love what you've done with that photo! Now I'm going to have trouble deleting my less than perfect photos!! Oh dear!


i agree with the others, the photo looks wonderful in the blurred state :) I like this template Alexa and I especially like the curved edges. The lower left side, did you use several brushes? More so I'm wondering if you used a distressed brush to get the faded look or perhaps it's part of the script brush? I really like the look, it is perfect with the colors and feel of the photo.

Jennie Hart

I love the page Alexa, the black and tan is so striking and the layout is great.
Yes, I would be interested in a template and more instructions :) Very.

Paul B

I can see that wonderful creative spark of perfect imperfection has produced a beautiful & unique memory of the event. Whenever I browse through a "how to" photography book, they always encourage you to take pictures in a different way. This serendipitous snapshot is a perfect example. It's a photographical equivalent of an impressionistic painting. It delivers a stronger punch of emotion as well as giving a sense of physical movement. What a superb way to capture the mood of the day. Px


Yes, yes, yes! That would be very useful and I, for one, would certainly be interested in a template and your expert guidance to use it. Thankyou Alexa xx
I love that photograph, it has an ethereal quality. Simply beautiful.


As always your journalling is beautiful - it really conveys the emotion of the day and how special it was and I think the photo echos that. Lovely!


Of course it would be useful :) I loved the last couple you did - especially the excellent instructions! (and the cleverly designed template which gave a chic result to even a complete beginner like me). So yes. Please.


Perfect photo for the journalling Alexa and scrapped simply, yet stylishly as you do so well.


Fantastic journaling and the perfect photo.

i'd be interested to see how it's done Alexa, always seems far too confusing for me so i've never dabbled in digi.


I think you are just the person to explain some of the oddities of photoshop and using templates ... I find I get very confused!
We had a Baptism the weekend before yours and we have another at the end of the month! I really like the picture you chose, it has a calmness which is lovely and generally the whole page is beautifully put together.

Karen W

What a perfect use for a blurred photo! I would love the template help, of course, and I promise to make time to follow through.


I'd love you to do a few helpful posts like that please :) I love what you've done here - the journaling is beautiful! And I now have plans to scrap amoeba photos myself ;)


Yes please Alexa. Layered template and graded help? Fab. What we all really yearn for though, is your style, your words, your connections (and I don't mean the fact that you know people who can pull strings) and your oh so not novice navigation.

karen cass

What perfect journaling for a perfect photograph of a memorable occasion. Fantastic and oh so clever. Brilliant Alexa.


Alexa.... I love this template. Is it one you designed or bought? It's just what I want for some of my smaller projects.


Hi Sandie, and thank-you for popping in. :) It's a template I have designed myself and I'll be posting the layered psd. file (plus a pdf of instructions for Photoshop Elements for those new to digital) on Monday for anyone who'd like to play with it - so do pop back!


I'm a digi-lover..so any way you'd offer them would be great!! What a wonderful template!

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