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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


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Thoughts and love to you Alexa...I dread the day my mother can no longer knit. She never has the needles out of her hands but the time will come when her fingers will stop. It will be hard. xxx

Karen Walker

Sending good thoughts to you and your mum. My mother did not live long enough to get to this point, so I have no reference for it, but I can certainly imagine how difficult it must be to find a good balance.


This page is so moving! There is the mix of your mother's frustration, the sorry of the lost art, and your pain at not being able to help. I think there is always that fear that one day this will what happens to us. Time is merciless.


Walking this journey here too... the loss of physical ability for my mother is tearing her apart... love and support is all I can give at this point... and Esther's comment is so true... time IS merciless... blessings to you Alexa...

Jennie Hart

Sending my thoughts out to you across the miles. I haven't any experience of this but I imagine that the loss of our ability to create whilst the will is still there is quite profound. For her and for you.

Jacky S

I empathise totally,Alexa......my MIL who has always been an amazing knitter....is now beginning to make mistakes and get frustrated by it....so painful to see.


My Grandmother had Parkinson's and it was devastating for her as she was an excellent sewer and knitter. Medication helped a great deal, but her confience was shaken and that made it so much more difficult.
Your Mum is so lucky to be with you now, she has raised a compassionate daughter and a kindred spirit who will help to make these days bearable and perhaps you can help her to find a new joy as her creative abilities change.

Paul B

I can truly empathise with your Mum's frustrations and sadness. When morbid thoughts take me by surprise, I find myself fearing losing my eyesight. I imagine how devastating it would be. I cherish being able to bathe in visually aesthetic imagery. It really does make my heart ache to read that your Mum can not lose herself in her natural creative expression. Hugs to you too Alexa. I can but only imagine how hard it is to witness. It reminds me to be grateful for some of the things I take for granted. Pxx


empathy and hugs - my Nanna and now my Mum suffered carpel tunnel and their fingers turned from fabulous creative tools to unresponsive lumps. So hard to watch. Such a beuatuiful authentic page.


a very moving layout Alexa....so well written. You sound like you are going through a tough time, will be thinking of you.


Another moving snippet from you Alexa - it makes me grateful that we have not yet reached that stage. Hopefully balance will soon be found.


That is a beautiful post and very poignant. Thinking about you all and sending hugs x

Julie Kirk

Alexa I think that in your beautiful, honest writing you've really honoured your situation. Which I know doesn't change it, but I hope it helps in some way for you to have shared it here. Thinking of you and your Mum. xx


((HUGS)) Alexa, such a moving page.


Oh Alexa, tough times indeed for all of you. Here's hoping your Mum can find a new creative outlet. Thinking of you both xx
Sorry I haven't commented recently, I seem to be having a bit of trouble loading your blog at the moment.


Oh, Alexa... sending you all lots of love and prayers. This is a beautiful page about a difficult situation xx

Alison McInnes

Sending thoughts and prayers your way Alexa....what a sad and trying time for you and your family...your journalling says it all
Alison xx


How sad - hopefully you will be able to achieve some balance - and it is important to find space for yourself too if you can

Mel J

I like your style of scrapping - just found your blog through someone's post. It's a very graphic and clean style - different to mine.


What a touching page. I so admire you for being able to record those difficult times for your mum and for your family. Thinking of you...


Sending love & prayers Alexa x


It's hard not to feel helpless and hopeless at times like this. I do hope all of you find the balance you are looking for. Hugs to you.


This must be such a hard time for you all Alexa. Being there for your Mum is the best thing you can do. I hope acceptance gets easier over time... thinking of you all xx

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