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Monday, 03 October 2011


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I'm sure a glass of bubbly will be most acceptable! That's a fine age to celebrate.

Your chic booklet has turned out beautifully - it has been a pleasure watching it take shape


Brilliant - nice to see your thought processes as the title page came together.


How wonderful to see it all come together! Need to finish mine up today!

Jacky S

It's come together beautifully.....and the cover is a perfect match.
And I'm sure cake and bubbly will be perfect as well.


It looks great!! Love how it all came together. And - happy birthday!!!


I love this! It is so elegantly simple. I have watched it evolve and I am so impressed. I hope to use the template for my JYC/Dec Daily...I'm new to digi scrapping and this looks like something I can do?!. Thanks for sharing your process.
Enjoy the bubbly and cake!


Gorgeous! So simple I love it! Enjoy your bubbly and cake, have a lovely day, and happy birthday to the birthday person:)

Paul B

Clean, simple & perfectly executed. Your finished album looks stylish from cover to cover. But then, I wouldn't have expected anything other than your normal high standard of crafting. Pxx


I think that would be most acceptable. Wishing her a Happy Birthday!
A perfectly simple and stylish cover for your book :o)


This turned out perfectly lovely Alexa!


your LSNED is wonderful! Happy Birthday to the 88 year old it is my birthday today too, I am not quite 88 tho! Fizz and cake sounds good to me xxx


Many happy returns of the day! And there was some fizz and cake for you too. :)


It wouldn't be a birthday without cake and bubbly....i'm sure she will love the fuss!! Beautiful book too!


I love your album! Very creative!


Yes your LSNED cover is absolutely fabulous and so elegant as always. Happy birthday to the birthday youngster. I was at a birthday party for two birthday girls today. one was 94 the other 97! Cheers to you Alexa.


Your LSNED has turned out amazing, Alexa. What a wonderful way to approach it. I may do it digital myself next time, I'm still struggling with just a few pages done even though I am keeping it simple.
I hope the bubbly went down well - and that you all enjoyed the birthday celebrations.


Nice book. I could do with keeping it simple some times. Hope you enjoyed the cake and bubbly.


What a happy accident! It's really beautiful :)

And sending birthday wishes to the 88 year old! xx

Alison McInnes

Your book has turned out beautifully....hope the bubbly and cake went down well!
Alison xx

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