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Friday, 21 October 2011


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Another beautifully told and evocative story - it reminded me of the stories my Dad used to tell of carrying the bread home and once eating just a lttle and then a little more ... and how cross his mother was to be handed a hollowed out loaf with nine children to feed!

Karen W

I just love your storytelling. It's a gift.

Jennie Hart

Delicious and evocative Alexa. I wouldn't mind perching with bear for half an hour and listening to your stories :)

Paul B

Like Helen, your story reminds me of the tale my Mum told of nibbling fresh, warm bread on the way home from the baker's. Maybe it's a common story from those post war years that fascinates today as it's of its time. No child today would go to a baker for bread or harbour fond memories of it. It's those everyday stories which are perfect to record. It gives those of us who read them a sense of what life meant back then. How lucky we are to have talented writers like yourself, who know how to listen and can tell the story back so evocatively. Px


I'm another with a mother who has more than once told her story of bread nibbling on the way home.
Thank you to you and your Mum for sharing this story today, a little glimpse into the essence of life! And, feel free to add in anything random whenever you wish! :-)


It was a different age wasn't it. Walking a mile and a half without an adult to fetch bread. Beautifully told. Thank you both for sharing!


Another lovely story - I could almost be there. Yum to fresh bread!


I love a bread and butter story :) The very stuff life is made of.

Jacky S

Another wonderful story,Alexa.....the essence of family memories.....my own mother had many similar memories.


Such a beautifully told story. It transported me back to a simpler time in my own life! (although walking to the slaughter house for five pounds of freshly ground beef probably wouldn't seem nearly as tender and yummy)


Such a great memory to have recorded! I can see now that the stool in the kitchen is going to provide you with lots of stories & memories (old & new)!


This is so precious! What a special memory - hooray that you've recorded it so it won't be lost :) And like others have said, you've reminded me in turn of a story of my own - I love how sharing stories can do this! xx


Such a lovely story and beautifully told Alexa, I remember nibbling the bread on the way home! A perfect layout too of course.x


That post conjours up a wonderful image and I can smell the bread baking.... sad that many children today won't have those memories to share. Going to Tesco's for a sliced loaf just doesn't quite have the same impact!


I am catching up on my blog reading - have been off the grid for a few weeks with no blog reading time... but I am so enjoying your posts and LOVE this one in particular!

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