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Saturday, 01 October 2011


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I've really enjoyed reading your LSNED posts - and I love your clean pages even though my scrapping style seems to be the opposite. I'd say whitewashed card - but I don't think you need any advice!

Jacky S

I've loved your LSND posts.....and feel exactly the same as Helena....including the white washed card.


How about a matt black card, with whitewashed/pastel (white-core?) textured cartstock on top - leaving a small (.5cm?) border all round. I think that would look crisp and snappy, without being "heavy". The two layers would add strength to the covers and give a smart appearance. If you have white wire bindings, I'd use those... As for what text/image(s) would go on top of the cardstock overlay... that would have to be entirely your decision!
Anyway, that's my chip-in for the day.
BTW, if you would like me to send you some ready-to-ripen pears from our pear tree, I would be delighted to pop them in the post on Monday. If they're picked unripe they will still be firm and survive (careful) posting. Pears taste best if they are ripened off the tree anyway (unlike apples, which are best if picked and eaten when ripe). E-mail me your address, if you would like some! x


Any of the above! And I do love a bit of chalky..


A lovely bit of whitewashed Coredinations would do the trick! Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll make it look fantastic!


Ooh I like the sound of white washed Coredinations, although I am rather partial to kraft cardstock! The pages look so lovely all piled up, just like a glossy coffee table book.


I am absolutely sure you don't need any advice from me! whatever you choose will be perfect! x and I too have loved reading all your LSNED posts.

Paul B

Beautiful photos of your pages Alexa. I concur with everyone else in that you don't need any advice lol. You have a stunningly beautiful eye for design. Well done on seeing the whole project through to the end. With all that you have going on in your life, I'm impressed with your tenacity at seeing it through. Pxx


It's beautiful - I think the chalky colours are perfect for the project :) As for the cover, I wouldn't presume to offer advice but I can't wait to see what you do choose!

I finished my own LSNED project today, I must get it photographed so I can share it on my blog later this week :)


Oh Lizzie, how kind you are! What a lovely thing is this to offer ...


Hi Helen, and lovely to 'meet' you, and thank-you for the whitewashed card suggestion. I think I may well go with this! :)


I really like the staggered pages - that was a brilliant idea.


Oh your completed project will be lovely. Nicely done, Alexa. (And I vote for something chalky too.

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