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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


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Thanks for the 8x10 Alexa, you really didn't have to do that! I am not sure how many possibilities this template holds, many, no doubt. Well done on the purple leap of adventure!

Julie Kirk

You did it! I think that skirt will look lovely worn with boots on a crisp winter day.

Thanks so much for sharing my purple phase with me.

Julie :-)

Paul B

Purple is mystical or royal - so you can take your pick as to which you'll feel like in your skirt :) Have you ever thought of going to have your "colours" done? See which season of hues works best for you? I had mine done many years ago but I hated mine lol. I was hoping to be told I was Autumn. Instead I came out as Summer. All these bright pinks and yellows - yurgghhh! Well at least gold goes well with purple so make sure your OH keeps you supplied with plenty lol. Pxx

Jacky S

Interesting.....my camera has a bit of a grudge against purple as well!! I'm also interested that your photos appear to be different colours on the 2 layouts....is that caused purely by the background colours...the skirt definately looks more purple on the white background!

Karen W

I'm a huge fan of purple, though there's not a lot of it in my closet. I love the different looks here, but I'm a fan of the the white background with the paint splatters. I've yet to figure out how to make an artistic paint splatter. Most attempts end up in the trash!


Hi Jackie, and thank-you for your perceptive comment. I noticed that too when I was uploaded but thought it must be a trick of the light. I've been back to have a look and the opacity was only 91%. Now that I've turned it up to 100% it is the same shade - thank-you!


great purple post! and i enjoyed your journaling too.


Especially love that second version..on the right. How the colors 'float'!!!


I've just come round to wearing purple myself Alexa having avoided it for a number of years!

I love the paint splats.


Love the versatility of the template :) The 2nd version really pops! And I rarely (never?) wear purple, even though it was my favourite colour for a long time. The skirt looks great - will we get to see you in it some time? xx


Wonderful purple post Alexa! I just posted one too :) The paint splashes add lots of fun to the layout and I am definitely a converted purple lover!

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