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Monday, 17 October 2011


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Alexa, I'm trying again to comment ... great templates! Thanks for supplying them and I am sure they will be a great help to those starting their digital journey. I'd use both templates in different ways - both are great!

Paul B

They are both excellent digital LOs Alexa. If forced into choosing, I'd go for the one on the left as I'm drawn towards the softer, round corners. Wonderful photo of the spider :) We've got a swarm of them in our garden too. Every time I go out to empty the bins, I'm assaulted by webbing lol. Px


Thanks for the template Alexa. I love using templates, they just make it so easy to whip up a page especially when your brain is on meltdown and you just want to do something that is easy. These are a great design.


I'm making a note to come back and play :) Thank you.


Super photos - not dipping my toe into the dark side though :P


Oh my goodness, I've never heard it called The Dark Side before! I'm intrigued, and wondering why :).


I hope it's useful to you, Melissa, and you have fun!

Karen W

Thanks so much, Alexa. As soon as I have my homework done for my Lightroom course, I'll be playing with these. I'm home for most of the week, so it looks like I'll have plenty of time to figure it out.


Alexa, you are always to generous with your templates & help! I really like the blurred photo!


Beautiful as always but if I had to choose I would go for the one on the right. xx


Alexa, i'll be back at the end of the week when i have more time!

Jennie Hart

You are so good sharing :) I can't wait for my day off to play!
As to your comment on my blog, you are quite right I did mean to link in the original photo but didn't. There is a new post over there now and it is on that one. I am a dufus.


Thankyou so much Alexa. I'll be having a little go later in the week :o)

Julie Jeavons

Yes, definitely prefer the all black background. Light was lovely this weekend here too and I got to take some great photos of DD on her bike. (well great by my standards!)


Excellent, thank you very much :) I'm surrounded by paper at the moment but looking forward to having a play with this too!

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