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Friday, 28 October 2011


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I wish we never forgot the wonderment of life as a child ... that is such a wonderful photo. There is more than a dollop of inspiration here today, I must get cracking on a page soon!

The 15 minute turn around time for a layout is just a blissful thing for me to hear!


Great posts and I love the layout above. Most of my favourite photos are ones taken from behind, this one with one wellie in, one wellie out...love it!

Paul B

Takes me back to a trip I did at that age to Hendon to see warplanes. Back then I was in awe. These days, I'd be under stimulated (okay, okay, I mean bored - I can't be cultured all the time haha). Love all your layouts. It's fascinating to watch how you've taken a single design and created a variety of pages. To be honest, I wasn't even paying attention and didn't even realise that some of your LO's came from the same template. Shows how good they are :) Pxx


Yes, the thought of a 15 minute page is, at the minute, complete music to my ears! I think I might need quite a lot of practice, though, before I could come up with anything nearly as lovely though!


I've enjoyed seeing the variations and you make it look effortless. I struggle with digi a bit when I've tried it. Fab stuff.


It is almost hard to believe that all of those layouts started from the same basic template! Just shows that a color change and a little tweaking can make all the difference.


You can so sense the excitement - brilliant shot. I also have one very excited D - thank you for commenting on her blog.


I absolutely love this last page - it really does sum up what a young boy was probably thinking - brilliant!


It is truly inspirational what you managed to do with one template. I will definitely be giving digi another try once half term is over. I think my poor laptop is on its last legs, as it is refusing to load, what I am sure is a wonderful shot, of a certain little boy.


I've enjoyed seeing your template examples, each layout different yet with a consistent theme in design. Beautiful and inspiring Alexa!


Oh, fabulous :) I'm looking forward to giving it a go when I've got through a few more of the 'paper' layouts that are bouncing round my brain!


Adorable little guy and I love how you used his voice for the journaling. It will never cease to amaze me how different layouts based on the same sketch always turn out so different. 15 minutes?! Wowzer! Beat me on my quickie! LOL!!


It's amazing how many different looks you've got from your one template. Very inspiring.


Thank you for the great templates, help sheets and great inspiration. I love your designs!


As a non-digi techno-frightened, I just want to say that these all look fantastic! They look amazing together and you can really see the variety.


Terrific!! Love all of the variations on a single theme. Can't wait to try these...thank-you!


That is such a lovely photo Alexa. Thank you SO MUCH for the downloads and instructions. I've not had time yet to look at them in depth but I plan to. I really need to do more digital work since time is not always on my side and this may be the way of me keeping up with classes I want to do.
Thank you again for sharing & I look forward to coming back properly so linger over your posts.


What a wonderful concept! They all look different. Nice!


love love love that photo :0)

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