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Monday, 24 October 2011


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Beautiful layout Alexa! I love the detailing at the top and bottom :) So nice to hear Gladys is doing well :)


Oh well done Alexa, you have cleverly integrated several techniques to create a vibrant page.
My next two weeks are very busy but then I have a little quiet time before the silly season really starts! I say that now, it could change at any moment!


LOL about Gladys!! I had to follow the link to look her up - thought you were talking about the little person in the LO!!! I love the LO Alexa!! Love to line of little boots especially!

Paul B

Beautiful LO Alexa, I love how everything flows so smoothly in its design. The string around the 'J' is a lovely quirky touch and a great way to add a hint of dimension. I'm hoping for a quieter few days but with a bit more exercise than last week :) Hope you have a good week even if it's busy. Pxx


Puddle jumping is such a joyful actvity - love those little wellie boots! We are all off this week so enjoying a relaxing peaceful week - hope you manage to get all that needs to be done done!


Be gentle with Gladys. I love the mix in your layout both digi and the paper cut initial. My favourite bit has to be the line of tiny wellies though.


Thank you so much for sharing these - Amy was encouraging me to have a go with overlays the other day and these will be perfect to have a go with. Your instructions are so clear. Fantastic page and the wellies add a real sense of fun. Enjoy x


Expecially love how everything 'ties' itself together. You have such a great eye!


Love it, love it - the rows are wellies are just adorable! And thanks for sharing the overlay, downloading with gratitude xx


Love the wellies at the top of the layout :)


Bless him. what a lovely everyday occurrence turned into a wonderful memory.Fabulous. (Yes, I finished the box)!


Thank you for sharing this Alexa. I have done overlays but so infrequently that I always forget how I did them, then put off doing it again because I have to teach myself all over again.
One of my goals this year (and last, if I remember rightly!) was to spend time getting more familiar with PaintShop. I go in fits and spurts. I will follow your instructions when I have free time as I would like to master it. I am very impressed that you created your own overlay. I bought a brilliant book with lots of instructions & ideas. You have inspired me to blow the dust off and give it another look!


Oh I love the colours in this LO Alexa, so beautiful as always.


Gorgeous splashes of colours and such a cute piccy of the little one, though I was surprised to see he is not so little anymore.


Stunningly simple and beautiful layout. Thanks for sharing your talents :)

Karen W

These are wonderful! You're so creative, and so generous. I've not forgotten my promise to get a handle on this digital scrapping.


Fantastic photo Alexa, love the colours and your journaling.

I still haven't had a chance to look at your digi post - it's half term and the week seems to be flying past x


Wonderful page and even more wonderful journalling. Love the colours and the wellies are ... well wonderful!


Oh Alexa you are SO very talented!! Your layouts, your prose, your digital skills! Thanks for sharing! Your LO makes me want to put my wellies on and go puddle stomping; it's pouring in these parts...

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