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Friday, 07 October 2011


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That's very generous of you Alexa :) Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to the photos!

Jacky S

Have a wonderful weekend,Alexa.


thank you for the templates - I really liked how your album turned out and had thought how versatile it would be

Paul B

Enjoy your weekend Alexa :) Px


Oh. lucky Deb - congratulations to her. Now I have to stalk her until she's ready to pass it on again...

Thank you for sharing your lovely page templates - very generous of you! I thought your album - and its layout - was great!


That's very generous of you to share your templates. Have a fabulous weekend.


Wow - this is so very generous of you Alexa! Thank you so very much.


Congrats, Deb! I guess it's you I'll be stalking now then ;)

Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your lovely templates, Alexa :) Have a lovely weekend xx


Your LSNED book is fantastic and such a generous offer to share your templates.


These templates are lovely - you are the one person who has managed to persuade to try a bit of digi so I am seriously considering finding a use for these before next September.

Have a fantastic weekend and when you get back would you let me know which Deb has got the book? I know two who love to join in. Thanks


This is very kind of you Alexa - and useful. Enjoy your weekend!

Alison McInnes

How kind of you to share your templates...enjoy your weekend..lok forwrd to seeing the pics!
Alison xx


I love what you did with this album...and thanks for sharing your templates...mmmm... thinking cap on here!!! xx


Ooh so close! Congratulations Deb, not jealous at all!!
That's so generous of you Alexa, to share your page templates. I have never quite got to grips with digi, but I really must give it another go. Have a wonderful weekend xx

wendy b

I love the look of your album Alexa, very much your style I thought (I remember seeing lots of your stuff on UKS but I don't venture there any more) Thank you so much for sharing the templates, I'm thinking I'm might do another 'a week in the life' and these would fit in very well with my first pass at it :-)


Alexa, I did email you with my details - honest!
Maybe my email address has ended up in your spam folder or something?
Do you want to try emailing me and see if it works when I just hit 'reply'?
I'm deb(dot)keyworth(at)btopenworld(dot)com

Karen W

Every time I see your templates, I wish I were a confident digi-scrapper, but I'm not. I just loved your LSNED album and think these would work for lots of different projects. I need to practice!

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