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Friday, 02 September 2011


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I am always impressed by how you manage to think way beyond the convention when it comes to setting up these sorts of projects Alexa! I think this will be a fantastic project and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product!


Great template Alexa. I really like how you made the pages longer so it will be fun & easy to flip through. I'm simply going to use the LSNED prompts as inspiration this month along with the LOAD prompts - whatever inspires me the most that day will be used for my LOAD layout.

Jennie Hart

Great idea Alexa. As it is my first year I have made a stand-alone book, but I can see myself starting to keep a whole year in one place in future years.


This sounds like a great cross-fertilization, Melissa! I am admiring of your ability to produce a layout a day ...


I find there's nothing like constricted circumstances (time, space) to jump-start ideas - the simpler, the better. :)


It's a bit of an experiment, Jen, and I'm keeping an eye on the advantages and disadvantages. Looking forward to seeing your stand-alone book and hope you enjoy your first year of LSNED!


Love this idea - I can imagine it being useful for several projects


Great idea. It will look wonderful to look back on the following year.. last year I only managed to write one sentence a day in a journal then decorated around the pages..wasn't quite what I had planned but I treasure those pages now SO anything you manage is always worth while.. is that a lesson learned there! You will find they pop up all other the place!

Enjoy the class.. Have a great day. Gez.xx

Paul B

Looks good so far - proof is in the pudding I guess like i found with the New52 project - I set it up one way then realised it needed to be tweaked once I started filling sheets in - however i didn't give it any forethought as you have with this - so maybe there's a lesson for me right there already lol.


I love your notebook within an album idea! I am doing a 2011 album in a AC D ring album, now I am insoired to add more bits in! Good luck with LSNED!


Well you can tell Himself that you've cracked it Alexa - just brilliant!

Karen W

Another brilliant design, Alexa, and useful for many projects, I imagine.

Alison McInnes

Love this idea Alexa..looking forward to seeing how it progresses!
Alison xx


Trust you to come up with such an elegant solution Alexa.


you always come up with such creative solutions... and this will make the rest of the process so simple!


Just beautiful & practical!
I am making and printing my pages onto 5x7 photo paper. ('cause I have a packet on my shelf!) I will decide at the end how to put it together. I found some notebook paper (thanks), made a template, photo(s) on one half of the page, text on the other, I should be able to do one every day! ha ha we shall see. I am pleased with day one though.


Brilliant design and layout. Love all of the possibilities this offers!


Very cool how you are making it work for you! I can't wait to see it filled in.


What a lovely design. I have had fun browsing around your blog here - lots of new ideas floating in my head now.


Thank-you for visiting! and glad you've found things to spark off ideas and possible new projects. :)

Jacky S

Both practical and elegant....not to mention space saving.....good luck with it.


Hi Alexa! I see you are up to your usual creative self :) This design looks fresh and simple. I am doing quite well so far with the prompts and did not want to plan too much as I don't like getting too bored by limiting paper choices etc and I am not worried about my book being all matchy :)

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