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Friday, 16 September 2011


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Your LSNED is coming on really nicely and I am so enjoying reading your thoughts! Glad you had a chnace to have coffee with your friend.

Paul B

Still doing brilliantly with LSNED - it's wonderfully inspiring to see you start and continue one post at a time. These are three more lovely entries. Pxx


I'm not suprised you were sad to say goodbye, isn't he growing up fast. He looks like he takes it all in his stride all set to go with his backpack.

And how nice to get a bit of digital mail art.


And why wouldn't we visit, when you provide such a lovely place to stop and stare a while xx


I saw that and thought it looked like a great idea, thank you for the reminder to go back and take a proper look :)

Beautiful progress - of course I'm going to come and see how you have been getting on. It's always a pleasure

Julia Dunnit

Cor Alexa, finally a chance to catch up and read your blog and ADMIRE your blog and ENJOY your blog andyour writing and your thoughts and your LSNED process; it's all marvellous. Don't leave me behind again, huh!!

Jacky S

Another lovely set of 'learnings',Alexa.....always so beautifully written.


Thank you x Visiting you is such a pleasure. Glad you had coffee with a friend, and I have never, ever, got the hang of goodbyes and have I said a few!

Jennie Hart

I'm glad you enjoy us 'sitting'with you or 'glancing'in. It's so nice to. It's always a highlight when trimming the sails appears in the reader and apart from very crazy weeks I always head over here :)


I really like how your LSNED pages look with the "Polaroid" photos. I've got the dust under control here, but now I can't work up any energy or motivation to scrap - think I'll nap instead. :>)


Wonderful pages Alexa! I do love to come and sit on the porch to visit :) Love Miriam's digi mail too!

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