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Monday, 26 September 2011


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Your layout method is working really well. 19th is an intriguing idea at the end; 23rd really resonates for me

Jacky S

Although I love seeing your clean and simple format...and admire it greatly.....for me scrapbooking would be nigh impossible.....and less than half the fun....if I only had those 4 tems!!!!
But I so agree with Day 21.

Paul B

More wonderful stories Alexa. I lap each one up. You are such an engaging writer. Well done on keeping it going. Only one week to go. You're going to have a fantastic snapshot of your life kept for future generations. They, like me, will be absorbed in all your mini tales. Pxx


i am so into day 24 as i am about to embark on some stretching and yoga my self as i am on a slimming world weightloss plan and need to start some gentle exercise as i havent done any in ages other than walking,
jo xxx


That's very companionable, Jo - I'll be thinking of you as I lie and stretch. Good luck to us both!


Thank-you, Paul! :)


I suspect I might need more than four, Jacky, if I put it to the test! I do appreciate the beauty of pages with lots of paper and embellishments too: I'm just no good at it!


Hi Helena, and thanks for popping in. :) I'm intrigued to see what would happen too (I might just try it). I'm always moved when something happening in my life is mirrored in others' too.


Lovely snippets as always Alexa - I especially agree with #21. I am finally learning to live by the motto that life is NOT a rehearsal and next time might not be there so I'd be better having a go now, showing I care now, and getting on with this life of mine!


Beautifully done as always - I don't think brevity comes into it at all. It is a perfectly formed post with plenty to enjoy


The 21st strikes a chord with me today, having lost a dear friend last month. We postponed our planned meet up earlier in the year and now there won't be another. That weighs heavily on my heart right now.


Hi Alexa, wow, look at your blog, its so, so so, magazine like, very professional layout, wordng etc, love it!

Ooooo, blank paper & a pen just yells out "learn to doodle" in my head, I might join you in trying it myself!


Awww... sorry your back is playing up. Mine too - a bit. I have that book - and I "was going to" do Yoga every day, starting in June, when I went away for that lovely Yoga weekend... How many times have I done it since? Twice!! Thanks for the Timely Reminder!
There are some very thoughtful and thought-provoking observations in your Lessons for last week.
I am in a similar situation to you, with an "Aged-P" of my own to worry about. Not practical to have her live with us just now - nowhere to "put" her sadly... But I do sometimes consider it anyway. I don't like her living alone really - I know she gets lonely... if she lived here, at least there would be someone around most of the time. But then I wonder about my sanity - whether I would actually survive having her here (and whether even considering the idea indicates that I am not quite in my right mind!). I think we'd learn to get along ok, but like you, I suspect there'd be a big amount of adjusting to be done, by all of us. It may come to this in the end - though where she would sleep/live, I still don't know...
We are saving for a downstairs extension. Perhaps we'll need to incorporate a bit of re-modelling into the work, so we have a separate room for Mum and a downstairs shower too. For now, she is coping - only just some days though. I need to go over there more often, I think. Definitely I should/must/will!

I did enjoy your Lesson pages. They have all made me think. And your daughter is so right about the Regrets thing. I have been trying to make more of my opportunities over the last year or so - and it's given me so much more "value" in my life - I've done stuff I would never have done, if I hadn't bitten the bullet!

Hope the Yoga is going alright and that your back soon settles down. I find that I "store stress" in mine... Yoga releases some of that stress and is very energising (so why don't I do it?!!).

Happy Tuesday!


Your entry for the 23rd is what my working life is all about. How I wish I still had my mother to care for in this way. I didn't know all this when she was with me x Your writing touches my heart Alexa.


:). Miriam. Am touched you let me know.


Oh, I can hear you're facing a number of similar things too ... Like your reminder about 'value', which is a good message for me today too, so thank-you! :)


Oh Fiona, that is really hard ... Thinking of you.


Hi K! I'm a fan of doodling, believe it or not - you're reminding me to do more of it... Watch this space!

Wanda Jorgensen

Alexa, I do hope your back is feeling better by now. You are so right about taking time for yourself. My exercise of choice is at the gym on a treadmill or other torture machine. The problem is--I haven't been in nearly three months! (and I feel guilty every time the monthly charge comes in!) I can really feel the lack of exercise too, especially at night when I get deep leg cramps. I had already resolved to get back to the gym next week, but your words have maybe given me the jumpstart I need. Thanks!

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