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Saturday, 24 September 2011


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Oh, I would really like to have a browse through that book - please add me to the draw!

You are doing great with LSNED. I've read the prompts everyday and have created quite a few layouts this month for LOAD (although not everyday). I'm pleased with what I've accomplished and glad I didn't try for a LSNED album this year.


Alexa, each of your lessons displayed here today could cover several blog posts! Several of those on the 18th I could relate to, as with the 14th and the last two sentences on the 15th are pretty close to my feelings of why I scrap.

As for realising that I won't have time once things settle down, well, that is perhaps one of the best - very true, life is about constant adaptation and acceptance!

Oh, I nearly forgot about the book ... please include me in the draw, it sounds like a visual feast and a great read.


Lots of great lessons Alexa! I am a bit behind on my journal so I know that I will have to work on it after the class is over... I hope to keep it up!!! I would love a chance at reading this wonderful looking book! Thank you for including me in the draw :)

Sonja Wright

I'm still behind with my LSNED but hopefully next week will be catch up. The book looks good pleasecadd me to the draw. Love the pages the design is lovely.

Julie Jeavons

Yeuch I can totally relate to that 18th comment. Coupled with if you leave a cup of milk in the fridge too long it turns green - for real!
Hope you can join in a game of pass the page to help celebrate my 50th blog post.


I love the way you've handled LSNED this year Alexa - you have so many great stories and thoughts captured!

And the book? ME ME ME!!!! Pick Me! I wanted it the moment I saw it on Sian's blog, so I am definitely excited to get my turn at it!


I have caught up with my LSDN today. I do usually finish projects even if it's ages after the event.
I scrapbook for me, I really love the process, but don't make many pages really. I wish I had kept a diary when I was younger. I have always made books and written letters but mostly given away as gifts and that's why I think I love projects like LSNED. Its scrapbooking and diary keeping in a small format with an end date with the added bonus that I get to keep it! I am so looking forward to seeing your finished project.
Making time for you (two) is the hardest single most important thing you can do now. xx
I would love to be in the draw please. I have just got my paints out, organised a project, just need the inspiration and confidence to start!


I'm so glad you enjoyed this one Alexa. It's a favourite of mine too.

It's not just that book that is a feast for the eyes. Your pages are too.


This looks a fab book - Well done on catching up - I am way behind - will try to catch up tomorrow. You've just reminded I have to draw my pass the book :0)


More great LSNED pages! I just love your format this year. Yours and Amy's (Over At Our Place) are my favourites this year. Both are all-digi. Both quite plain and simple. Both have lots of stories to explain the Lessons. My favourite Lesson is from the 14th - Me Too!

And Please do include me in the draw for that book - it looks fabulous!

Harriet Hensley

i have just found your blog and love your words and how you put them together.... so smooth and informative.....thansk for sharing your days with me.... I would be beyond thrilled to have that beautiful book.... thanks for the chance....

Jacky S

Your LSND is so inspiring,Alexa....I just love popping over to catch up n it....and I'd love to 'borrow' that book as well.


Hi - I'm not trying to have two goes at this book honest but the funny thing is you have won the Expressive photography book over on my blog. Congratulations. I have your address from the mail art exchange so I will send it off next week - I hope you enjoy it :0)


Oh gosh, I can't believe I am this lucky! Thank-you!


Hello Harriet and I'll be really glad to put your name in the hat (or whatever the receptacle turns out to be!). Lovely to 'meet' you!


Lizzie, I am so glad I am not the only one! :)


Your LSNED pages are wonderful Alexa, a few of them resonate... Honestly I'm finding I don't have so much time to read Shimelle's prompts, but wish I had just by reading your journaling. I'm keeping up with the journaling part but not so much the pages... although I did manage to make 4 yesterday!

Please add my name to your draw :)

Paul B

It's a great inspirational book I agree. And your LOs are as excellent as ever. I have saved this page to read your daily entries when I have a few minutes. Maybe they'll inspire me to take up LSNED for October instead :) Px


Your LSNED is so good, and in answer to your question, I'm afraid that I am the kind of gal who never goes back and finishes something if I fall too far behind. With that in mind, I'm off to do another LSNED page while I am still inspired after looking at yours!

Karen W

I love your format, and always appreciate your wonderful writing. I'll pass on this book as I'm currently reading the one Melissa started for this year. I've never finished an LSNED project. I'm behind again this year, but know that I will finish---but it may be October before the book is altogether.


I am guilty of what you describe on the 14th, but am about to make Sunday's leftover roast pork into a hot pot, before it grows a fur coat!
The format you chose for your LSNED pages has worked perfectly for you:)

Wanda Jorgensen

May I say again that I love your scrapping and journaling style? I like the graphic feel of your pages and your journaling too--heartfelt, passionate, thoughtful, all rolled up in just a few words.

I was touched by your 9/16 post in particular--the urgency to save your parents' stories. How I wish I'd had the wisdom to do that. But, it sounds like you are stressing over it. Have you thought of getting a voice recorder so you can have an audio record of their stories even though you don't have the time right now to scrap them?


Thank-you, Wanda, for your lovely comments, and that's a really good idea about the audio record. I will look into it!


I love reading your LSNED pages, Alexa. They will be so lovely to look back on in years to come.

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