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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


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I had been wondering what Leo's book is like, I follow his blog and really enjoy his nuggets of wisdom, I am naturally a single-task person, with a daily list of all that needs to be multi-tasked! I also find I am most productive in the morning when there are fewer distractions!

By the way, I am going to say this out loud ... I have forgotten what my OLW is .. that's how much notice it has had this year!

Paul B

Another wonderful LO which is incredibly captivating to read. I'm the same as Amy being naturally a single-tasker who works best in the morning. Normally by 3-4pm I'm useless lol. I had to refresh myself on my word for the year, one quick look on my pinboard and I see it's "Experience" & I don't think I'm doing too badly. Interesting to read how you're dealing with your year of "flow". Stick at it, I'm sure the answer will come :). Px

Jacky S

I so agree about the ironing....the task from hell....I do as little as possible. Single-tasking....what is that???? Not something I'm very acquainted with either.
The swamp will clear I'm sure....and the natural flow return....it takes time to adjust to new circumstances.


Fabulous photo - perfectly describing the recent wet wet wet all pervading dampness the country has seen recently.

Well done on your ironing victory!


I love, love, love reading your LSNED Alexa! Thanks for sharing.


Oh I'm a terrible multi tasker and work much better in the morning, by 4pm I could sleep! Love your pages so much. The photo of the rain drops is beautiful. We have a lovely day here, blue skis and warm sunshine. I'll send you some.


Single tasking sounds like exactly the kind of lesson I should be learning too right now. I'm also nodding my head at Paul B above - I work best in the morning too and always have done. as I get older I'm learning how to motivate myself to keep going on tasks after teatime!


I think I'll see if I can catch some sunshine for you Alexa - it's been fairly nice here for the last couple of days (though I suspect there's rain on the way).

I think you should re-assess that ironing... maybe you could give up ironing some stuff. I had to stop ironing when I hurt my back - I discovered then, that lots of stuff doesn't really need it after all... It's especially handy when I dry things in the tumble dryer - I try to fish them out before they cool down, so I can shake them hard - usually the creases drop out. Hardly anything really needs to be ironed.. the occasional blouse or skirt, sometimes a table cloth if we have guests(!), DH's shirts for work... but the rest... Blah! Shake it and hang it up!

BTW, been trying to contact you re. the Bloggers' Weekend. I have e-mailed you!

Karen W

It's quite dreary here as well, but your pages are wonderful, as always, and no one would know you were a "basket-case."

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