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Monday, 05 September 2011


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I like the way your pages look and the Polaroid look photo - congrats on getting the first three days documented.


Love how this looks. I am not doing this but start a photography class next week and am so excited I will be learning something new there.


You are doing very well Alexa - my little learnings have been far more anecdotal, that's what I like about the class though, it is a good springboard for plenty of other things.


Great job Alexa! Love that you are able to include photos.... that is something I'm not planning on doing but won't eliminate the idea.


Loved reading your pages! I think I might be an up close sort of creative too. I always like my close focus photos best.


Love your entry`s for LSNED. The way you journal ist great.

Paul B

Excellent! You've done well with the first three days but then I had a sneaky suspicion that you would. I gave up on day one. Glad to see you found the prompt was vague. I did too, which is why I stopped before I could start. Maybe I could pick it up again having found it's not only me :) Your layout is proving to be perfect for the challenge and your journaling as ever is a joy to read. Px

Jacky S

Love the way you're approaching this,Alexa.


Love this summary approach to LSNED - I'm making notes but that's all the making I've been doing (so far)!


I adore your journaling and I like the photos so much... It all looks so great together. Well done.


How I love your journalling Alexa. I use the class as a kind of diary for September, the 'learning' takes the focus away from just work & weather since my life is decidedly uninteresting most of the time!! Also I find my project 365 gets an injection of something new. Like Amy, I find it a springboard to document thoughts. I am impressed that you are posting your pages!


I really like your format. Great way to focus on something important!

Alison McInnes

Love the way this is looking!
Alison xx


Great lessons so far.. love how you are completing your lessons.

Karen W

Your format is working out wonderfully! I'm glad to hear the iPhone was rescued!


I saw this in the gallery and thought - how clever! Love it!


The daily vignettes you are building are a wonderful way to record what you're up to today, but they will be positively precious in five or ten years from now. This is genius!


Well, aren't you brilliant - I love your approach to scrapping your little somethings.


Alexa, this is a fab way to document your LSNED - especially as you are so busy just now. I love this format... rather wish I'd thought of it myself. The last two Septembers were so chaotic, that I decided not to take part in this year's LSNED. It just seemed like too much.
I do like how you describe your process of "finding" your lesson for the day. And the photos are great.


This is a lovely way to do LSNED. Love your journalling and the photos, very effective with the layout. Well done you!

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