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Monday, 19 September 2011


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My goodness, the two of us have been very crafty for simple digital girls haven't we? Excellent work Alexa, though, I am worried about all of the SOS issues, I hope the soothing salve works its magic!

Paul B

Brilliant magnets Alexa, wonderfully individual, especially the layered look. Hope the drama fades out soon but it does raise a wry grin to know that as we get older (as in getting to our twenties) we don't always become wiser. Or at least, we bypass the wisdom part temporarily haha. Needles in the same hands as glasses, bare feet and guillotines. I've thought of another appropriate SOS but it's too rude to say here lol. Just know that I probably deserve a slap for just thinking it. :) Pxx

Julie Kirk

I think this is a god reason for you to treat yourself to new shoes. Do they do steel-toe caps in pretty colours these days?

As you know - I'm vulnerable to the occasional SOS moments too! Last night I had a knock on the wrist trying to stop a jar of rhubarb and rose-petal jam leaping out of the fridge!

Take care this week, I'm off to visit Crafting Friend Karen now.



Ouch! I have also had to learn the hard way... One of my favourite quotes (though I don't remember who "said it") - "Some of us can learn from others' mistakes; the rest of us have to be the other people." - that's me - an "Other Person"! Hope your foot - and face? - feel much better soon. Of course, laughing at Julie's absurd and funny suggestion should help your recovery!

The magnets are lovely. Such a fab idea to use the old "draught board pieces" to recycle into much posher, more Alexa-style magnets.

Must go... supposed to be gone out now... dithering over blog posts instead. Have a good Monday!


Love the magnets! Hope you are OK!!


Anything with needles scares me - I was in hospital as a child and the boy in the next bed had stood on a needle and it started to travel up his leg..

You can layer just as beautifully as you can "simple". Now that's talent.


Hello. Found you at last. Don't know what the SOS is about but then I need to catch up, don't I.

Jacky S

The magnets look wonderful.....though the rest doesn't sound quite as good....hope the ointment does the trick!


your finished magnets are wonderful!! off to check out Karen...you take it easy!!

Alison McInnes

Hope the injuries are getting better!
Alison xx


Ooops... hope you are less accident prone today and feeling better. I love the magnets, Alexa. What a brilliant idea, you are full of them!


Wonderful magnets! Hope you're having an accident-free day.

karen cass

Thanks for the welcome and the comments Alexa. It isn't as hard as I thought it would be but then I'm still at the early astages and haven't tried out new colours and backgrounds-yet. I figured it will do for now.

Karen W

Ouch! Hope your injury is healing quickly. I managed to snip my finger while snipping the end of a ribbon this week. I felt so stupid. Love the magnets. I have a magnet project on my short list!

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