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Monday, 12 September 2011


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Terrific life lessons here, Alexa, wonderfully told and illustrated. It may be important to try to keep up, but the quality of your text and images are well worth the wait.

Karen W

Clever post, and lovely lessons!


So, Grandma's have this sort of thing playing on permanent repeat in their heads too?
Despite feeling a little behind, I think you are ahead really - look at all those wonderful things that have been happening in your life - fantastic!


Another great page - done! You'll be caught up in no time. I bet you can!

Jennie Hart

I have emerged blinking into the world only fairly recently from approximately 8 years of Thomas, having had two equally obsessed little boys.

I love the page, the shot of him venturing into the cave is my favourite.

Paul B

Great job for sticking with it so far - hope you're patting yourself on the back. I've saved all my daily pdfs but haven't even read them yet. I was an avid reader as a child but haven't gone back to those books as an adult, except for Molesworth. Grandchildren must be a great excuse to rediscover them. It'll be better when you have the chance to read Roald Dahl's tales at bedtime. Px


Wonderful writing, perfectly matched to the photos - fabulously put together! I've decide to try and Learn Something New in October!


That sounds like a great idea, Jemma! My Septembers often have a rushed feel, but October is nicely placed in Autumn before the Christmas madness takes hold. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. :)


Oooh, Dahl and Molesworth! Now that brings back memories, Paul! And there's a whole heap of stuff inbetween - I feel I have a duty to make sure these little ones get to share in their British heritage. :)


Ha! Love your final witty sentence!



Oh, I remember those Thomas days so well. TTO had a thing about drawing Thomas - he would bring me a pen and a bit of paper and say "draw Thomas and Annie and Clarabelle" and I would and he would look at them and then say "draw them again"!


Perfect! I love your writing Alexa, and your insights, so thoughtful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jacky S

I remember when there were a lot of the Thomas stories that I knew off by heart!!!!


What a wonderful and inspiring collection of memories and life lessons. As always - so artfully done!!


I love the format of your photos and notes. It looks just marvelous.


Oh I remember Thomas and his pals! What lovely memories being a grandparent are bringing! Your pages, stories and photos as ever, are simply beautiful.


I love your sense of humour and your writing, Alexa, your posts never fail to warm my heart. Of course you can do it. Already you are ahead of me.... I'm chugging along behind trying to keep up with you!!


I think you are doing a fabulous job Alexa at keeping up :) i've fallen a bit behind now but i'm recording things still, I hope to catch up this weekend :) My foot is improving slowly with the help of physio and better shoes, thank you for asking, but I'm really trying to rest it in the evening, hence the being behind :)

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