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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


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What a lovely layout and great series of photos!

karen cass

Great photos.Looks like you were having fun.

Paul B

So you're not quite ready to pack away all your patterned papers yet :) It's a lovely floral pattern (I know, I've changed my tune haven't I haha) and it works wonderfully on your LO. You've still left lots of white space, so it still has your signature designer look. Love the faux-polaroid photos (i'm assuming they're faux). Congrats to Harriet too. Px


Morning Paul! Yes, they're 'faux' in the sense that I've printed them out from my printer rather than a real Polaroid! I'd love one, but it's so hard to source the special paper these days.


It was fun watching them from the bottom and minding baby number 1! Though I did have a go myself - which is NOT on camera. :)

Julie Kirk

Thanks so much for the lovely mention! I'm thrilled you found some time to yourself to scrap [and that it was in my colour-du-jour is doubly thrilling!].

I've been trying to pin it to Pinterest, but it's misbehaving, but I'll get to it as soon as it works.

May you find mellow moments amid the midweek madness!



Great photos turned into a great non digital layout :) It's good to see you playing with paper......and I want to know how the dying turned out.


Dang, missed Pass The Book! Never mind, I shall look out for it next month :)

Love those photos and the journaling, what a fab layout xx

PS Just a tad excited about meeting you in November!! Yay!! :)

Jacky S

Love the layout,Alexa.....and glad to see you do still own some 'real' paper!!


Congrats to Harriet - do you have a link for her blog so I can keep in touch?

I'm loving seeing all this purple spring up everywhere. Or maybe that should be "Autumn up" everywhere?


Lovely, Alexa - even with the flowers and the purple (well more mauve in your case...). No, actually, I really do like the page and the paper is a great choice to scrap these photos. Looks like such fun too! The simple design of the layout means you got away with the fancy background, without it being too fussy. Such a fun page.
Lucky Harriet - congratulations to her... can't believe though, that I missed it by a count of 1. Never mind, I will have to "stalk" her now - though you didn't give us her blog link, to make that possible... Pretty please?


Such a pretty page with some lovely photos. You might be interested in http://www.the-impossible-project.com/ who started manufacturing Polaroid instant film again.


Wonderful for Harriet!!

So good to see you crafting Alexa - i love that layout!! purple is one of my new found colours that I seem to be wearing more often :)

Emma Kirton

Great layout. Love how you have written in the space under each photo! Thanks for taking part.

Nicole S

LOVE your layout!!! The pp background, and the awesome engaging photos - Oh and that beautiful handwriting!!!

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