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Saturday, 17 September 2011


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Becky Brombley

What a great way to use the embellishments. Perfect! Becky x


Very inventive and the embellishments are the perfect size for the task:)I've just come from High in the Sky and the trail ended at the next blog. Popped over here and I'm back on it again!

Kirsti Cook

What a clever idea...Brilliant...

Kirsti xxx


Alexa that is such an original idea and a lovely way to keep the original embellishment.


Of course I love it! And I have a very strong feeling that you won't be the only one making a few more of these beautiful embellishments. She is one talented lady alright!

Have a great weekend Alexa and I'll be looking out to see who wins your draw next week


Great idea and now you can see it often. I like it. Have fun and enjoy the weekend.


I love "Miss Smith's" blog too. I remember the post about the Masters misery... and the snails. I just went to see your "Favourite Page" post - I agree, it is fab and I loved the "story behind the page" too.
Sadly, since re-loading my laptop, I have problems posting comments on pages that won't accept anonymous or enter-your-name-&-email type of comments. Kirsty's blog is one of those and I can't get it to accept my google or openid names. So I can't tell her how fab her page is... or congratulate her on her 200th post... bleah!

Ali TS

delicious, you'll have to make a coordinating set!

Alison McInnes

A perfect use for these fab embellies!...you are SO clever!
Alison xx

jennifer grace

What a great use of the embellie! I was thinking when I made a card that it was a shame I'd be giving it away, it's good you'll be able to look at yours all the time! I'll have to make some of my own to keep! x


oooh, what a great idea!!! I want more embellishments now! This has been such an inspiring blog hop!!!
And I am adding your blog to my reader as I always find your writing to make me smile :)

Julie Jeavons

What a lovely way to round off the blog hop - I'm sure she put you last for a reason. Go to the top of the class.


what a great way to use your embellies....very clever. It's been great to be part of this hop and a shame i've now come to the end!!

Hannah M

Alexa, so glad to see you joined in on this hop, such a brilliant use of your embellishment :) Look forward to seeing the others you make :)


Alors, maintenant vous avex une grade A+. Tres bien!

And I love this idea - I'm a big fan of pin boards and I wish my own was this beautiful. Brilliant to turn the embellishment into a magnet and I'm keen to see your progress with the board now. Inspired! Thanks so much for taking part :D

kate bucci

Gorgeous! I feel inspired to dig out my own magnetic board and make one of those old-fashioned-idea-board things :)

Sonja Wright

A super idea. It looks ace. Have a great hop.

Karen W

Doing a bit of catch-up, and I always find so much inspiration here. Loved the use of the Polaroids in the previous post. I have a few of the Coffee Shop actions. I'll have to try this one as well. Thanks.

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