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Friday, 05 August 2011


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Right now I would like to be in your header!

Journaling, I always make sure there is plenty of space for words and I select or make templates with this in mind. Mostly I have an idea of what I want to say, but never exactly, I usually find as I start typing several ideas are floating around - sometimes there are too many for one page and that can mean I use the same photo for a couple of pages.

Have a great weekend and pop a wafer in your hair if you need to enter any shops such as the one pictured above!


This is great. I love that it is such a great reflection of your full and happy life.

Julie Kirk

Have an amazing time. [I know you will!]

As for journaling I think I know what I'm going to say, then I start and sometimes it's not the same at all. Other times I have to adapt to fit the space I've got left for it! Or else I have to write very small!

Jacky S

I tend to do the journaling last and fit it into the room that's left...you may have noticed I over-embellish and pile it all on.....I have no concept of 'simple' at all!!! Though occasionally when I have a longer story to tell I allocate space to it as I'm making the page.
I usually have an idea of what I want to say.....but it often changes as I write it...and sometimes I write nothing at all....just a title.....and a picture paints a thousand words [possibly]!

Paul B

Can't guess where you'll be going? Would like to say Liverpool but where does popcorn come in? That normally suggests a cinema somewhere. I'm intrigued :) I'm sure you'll reveal all on your return lol. Wonderful LO and great title. Hope all the noise & disruption of cutting the trees down has been worth putting up with & that you can enjoy the better light :) We've done similar (but not on such a large scale) in our garden this year & it's really been worth it (eek, I'm double checking apostrophes now haha). Have a great weekend, wherever it is. Pxx

jo sowerby

hhmm culture and sculpture could be anywhere unless ur going abroad so maybe rome? as for popcorn harry potter perhaps?
for the journalling i usually have an idea of what i want to write and i write directly onto the page without any planning. i like the spontaneity,
jo xxxx


Lovely page! Love all the photos.

I have just started a BPC class on journalling:) Hoping to be learn how to plan my journalling better before I start the LO.


I know that feeling about jounalling - and never knowing where it's going to begin or end. Wonderful collection of images!


It almost always turns out differently to what I had imagined. Many times it goes on the back of my page, I know that approach isn't for everyone but I'm more likely to write exactly what I want that way. Especially if I'm putting a page on my blog. Funny, I find writing for the blog easier than journaling on a page.

Have a wonderful break!


Super page again - have a lovely weekend!


Yes, to all of the journaling quesitons!Sometimes I fit it in, sometimes I start with it, sometims it changes as I go.


I saw this post in my Be Reader and meant to come back to it earlier. I love the "the only line I have to toe...", great photo of your shoes :) as for journaling... I almost always fit it in at the end, unless.... it's the focus of the layout, then for sure it becomes more planned out. I am now trying to incorporate places to put journaling that I don't necessarily want to share, something I never thought of until taking Shimelle's classes. Great question!


Hi Alexa, I expect by now you will have returned from your weekend, hope you had fun. Your pages are simply beautiful as always. And I too would love to be in your header!
I journal after the pictures, unless the page is about the story I want to tell.

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