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Wednesday, 03 August 2011


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It sounds as though Himself deserves hearty congratualtions! A lovely day out by the looks of things, his tolerance is duly noted and I think that hat is a keeper!


Oh dear ... congratulations is of course how those birthday wishes should read!

Paul B

Looks like he had a good day - love his floppy hat lol - quintessentially english looking haha - & I think I recognise where you took the photo of him sat on the sculpture - if I'm right it's a beautiful walk, one I've done many times. Your LOs and stories for WIML are wonderful to see and share in. Looking forward to seeing the rest. Px


Delightful LO for WIL. Nice idea for a focus page within the week. And yes that hat is a astatement

Jacky S

Looks like Himself had a wonderful day....belated good wishes to him.


Happy Birthday to himself! Love reading about him:) Looks like you had a lovely day.


Happy Birthday wishes to Himself looks like he enjoyed a good day with great presents. I think it only right that the bacroom boy should step forward and star in a layout of his own, he looks like a explorer in his hat and binoculars.

jo sowerby

happy belated bday to himself. he is truly a man who can carry a hat. that picture of him climbing through the grasses is perfect, and do i spy jellybabies in his parcels?
jo xxx


You do indeed, Jo! Jelly babies were the first sweets he ever bought me, so he always gets some on his birthday. :)


Himself will be tickled pink when I tell him, Amanda!


That hat and all the others, Amy! :)


Waving madly over here!


What a wonderful layout about Himself - happy bithday to him!


Hearty (hatty) congratulations to Himself!!!


Hello Himself!! Waving hard here in Canada!! Great layout Alexa of himself :)


Agh... this is a lovely page. So nice to see Himself, and belated birthday congratulations! It looks like it was a special day and the sculptures look amazing, hope you have more photos to share.

Kirsty Neale

Happy birthday, Mr Alexa. I hope it was happy, as well as so elegantly recorded!

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