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Monday, 29 August 2011


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Karen W

It certainly sounds like you need some rest, but I'm happy you took the time to share this post. Another great layout; simple, but so effective. What a cutie!


Wow, sounds like a busy but fun time! And what cute photos!

Jennie Hart

Love the numbers, describes the month perfectly. I am glad you had great family time. Best numbers, the 31 minutes watching the clock numbers change.....

karen cass

what an absolute cutie. How time has flown. I can remember when your DIL was expecting him.


Hi Karen! Yes, I know - it's shocking how fast they grow, and how quickly the months pass. It probably doesn't seem long since your own 'little' ones were this size, does it?


Just beautiful & I love the colours in this one. I couldn't go to bed with this on my mind either. I had forgotten about fingers crossed behind my back!! Gorgeous.

Paul B

I admire you travelling all those miles over one weekend - as someone who isn't fond of long journeys, I take my hat off to you. Hope you were able to catch up on some of your much needed rested last night. Lovely LO which perfectly tells the story. It reminded me of a phrase I read last night in the book I'm reading. One of the chapters refers to some of the greatest creative minds and that their mantra is "simplicity is genius". Px

Jacky S

Love how your numbers describe the month....and a busy one at that.....hope you've managed to catch up on some sleep.Beautiful LO.


Sounds crazy busy... hope you finally got some rest!

Alison McInnes

Hope you got some well deserved rest...cute pics in your LO!
Alison xx


There are some very happy numbers in there Alexa :)


Love your week in numbers! Hope you got soem good sleep:)

Julie Kirk

Aw, thanks for playing along with your own take on the Month in Numbers. You definitely had enough numbers in the week to last you a whole month ... or two. Sounds like a wonderful time. xx


Love the numbers but after all that you must have been exhausted. i hope you are well rested today and Himself finds a more eloquent way to encourage you to sleep lol. Thank you for your thoughts in regards to our Irene losses.


Some very big and interesting numbers in the mix! I remember many hours (over time) spent on the kitchen floor watching cooker clock numbers change, cakes rising, or washing turning! Thanks for the reminder of those days xx


What lovely photos of your DG you can just see the curiosity on his face. The cafe sounds interesting. What a coincidence I have a book about books on my mind too, I wonder if it's the same one?


Lovely post Alexa. I'm very late in catching up, but am glad I didn't miss this. Love the idea of using numbers, and it sounds a fun and busy week.

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