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Monday, 15 August 2011


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What wonderful writing today - I want to meet the monk myself now in those old pages! I'm so excited that you've completed the Week in the Life project & I really like the spiral bound album!


What delightful writing Alexa! I'm transported right back there with you!

Paul B

You definitely have the muse flowing through you when writing your post. The cards in the pocket within your album are definitely an added bonus for future readers. Something for them to interact with, as you say. Love your story about the monk. I've always been fascinated and drawn to the lives of monks and monasteries. In one of my fantasy five lives (if I could live five different ones etc) I chose to be a monk in one of them. Not sure why I'm drawn towards them. Maybe it's their serenity and self discipline. Pxx


I often wonder what will happen to all my photos and stories, for the most part I am documentimg because I like it myself, but, I do hope that it interests someone when I'm gone ... namely the children and their children!


I think photo books look nice they have that sleek glossy look but......would you get the same sense of satisfaction as having produced something yourself? Although your spiral bound album looks pretty glossy. I love the little pocket and pull out cards. It looks like you've recorded things that will be interesting to look back on and may well have been forgotten.


You are quite the spellbinder with your story! And love the peek into your WITL.


I can remember feeling that way when I visited Hampton Court as a child - I imagined Henry V111 touching something I was touching!

Jacky S

A wonderful,atmospheric story today,Alexa.....and I so agree that a handmade scrapbook [with all it's little imperfections].....gives a real connection to the person who made it.


I think your combination of craft and design is beautifully represented by your hybrid, yet hand-made, albums!

kate adderley

Hi Alexia, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, l was thrilled to hear that you liked it, it made my day, so of course l then had to find your blog and check it out, what beautiful work you do, its just stunning, you have a real eye for photography, l love what you have done, your blog is now marked on my favorite list, thanks for sharing...........kate

Wanda Jorgensen

What an amazing story and a powerful message to boot. I thought it was sufficient to preserve memories along with a bit of explanation, but your post adds a dimension I had not considered. Wow!


Your story is so powerful and evocative. So beautifully penned!! And - I too - love that thought of connection...of knowing that someone real and imperfect is behind the 'art'!


Oh what a fabulous story, Alexa! Fancy finding those doodles and notes from so long ago.. no wonder the hairs stood up on your arms, at the time; no wonder you thought of it again now, when you are completing something quite similar yourself.

Did you also wonder, just a tiny bit, how long your own work will be around, whether someone else will read it in years to come, whether they might also feel that special connection?
Spooky isn't it? But really, rather nice, don't you think?

Great story, lovely post - thank you for this!

Julie Jeavons

I don't think I'd thought of it quite like that before. But I know exactly what you mean. Handmade is always unique and personal.


What a wonderful post Alexa. I often wonder what will happen to all my memory keeping...I wonder if I will burden my kids with endless albums. I am pretty sure they will and already do appreciate the stories the contain. But like Amy said, I mostly do it because it makes me happy. And you WITL is delightful!!! It has me thinking about a travel journal I need to make for the girls for our Canada trip.


It's fun to imagine what those who came before us and those you came after us are like - what similar paths we might cross. I really enjoyed your post today - thanks for sharing.

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