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Monday, 08 August 2011


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It's a beautiful page, even if the weather wasn't playing ball!


Geat page! I love your reflections on the day.

Paul B

I agree with you on the Unsubscribe button :) I've been hitting it quite a bit recently on emails I no longer spend the time to read. And a word of warning regards your "To Be Filed" box. In the book, Get Things Done by David Allen, he comments that if you don't have a place in your house to store your 'To Be Filed' papers, then your house becomes that place. At least at the moment, it's easier for you to find unfiled notes and papers :) I'm intrigued to find out where you've been at the weekend. Delayed gratification, I'll have to wait until next post lol. Here's hoping you find more little moments in the day to stop, pause and relax :) Oh yes, and your LO is as fab as always. Wonderful, moody photos. Pxx


I always look forward to seeing your pages Alexa and this one certainly doesn't disappoint.


I just love the simplicity of the right hand side of your layout. Even though the photos are fairly gloomy they pop right off the page. It's obviously your brilliant design and the perfect tones you chose. Looking forward to hearing about your weekend sounds like you got plenty of photos.

Jacky S

Great minds think alike!!!! For the last week I've been closely looking at every email I get....and unsubscribing most of them.....there's quite enough I actually want to read!!
A great page as always.


Aleza, I have recently come across your blog and really love, love, love the layouts and ideas that you present. I blog almost exclusively in 8.5 x 11 and am finding so many exciting template ideas. The problem, however, that I hope you can help me with is that I would really like to also read the earlier posts of your blog but do not know how (if?) I can access your achives. This may seem like a funny request, but the recent posts don't go very far back. Can you help?


Sorry, that should say Alexa!


Those photos are beautiful, I actually love that kind of weather! I know what you're saying about getting the project done, it's one of the reasons I stopped working on it last week so I wouldn't feel like I did not want to do anymore, or that I would just slap the rest of it together (I've done that before with some other projects). Take care!


My oh my, is that really summer in your neck of the woods? The photos make for a very soothing page, even if they are not indicative of a typical weather pattern!


Hi Bernice, and I've tried to contact you on the email address which you sent but it keeps returning it to me as undeliverable. I am hoping you'll get to read this - here's a copy of what it said...
Hello Bernice (hope that's right!) and thank-you so much for contacting me, and asking how to access earlier posts. I am touched that you are enjoying what is on the blog and have let me know. :)
I am just in the process of putting together archive pages which will make it easier to access everything that is there, and hope they'll be ready by next week. In the meantime, the albums on the right and the Search facility in the tool bar to the right might be of use? Hopefully words like: layouts, simple scrapbooking, journalling ... I'm really grateful to you for nudging me to get the archives sorted, so thank-you!
warm regards,


Wonderful, Alexa...I am really looking forward to those archives, and thanks for replying so promptly!


I absolutely love your week in the life pages. Beautifully designed and so detailed. I've just spent a lovely half hour with a cup of tea, catching up, reading your blog posts :)

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