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Monday, 01 August 2011


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Oh Alexa, What a priceless photo accompanied by great jouraling!


You know what? I am just about crying myself - what a frustatingly difficult day for you all ... it is so deflating to be let down in these circumstances. I certainly hope the rest of the week and the weeks to come prove to be less difficult now that you are more settled.
I'm just putting together some of my final touches on the project, it is a little strange to not take as many photos today ...

Mary B

What a sad day for you all and frustrating too it has brought tears to my eyes reading this.

karen cass

How Brave. My aunt and uncle have just sold up and bought a flat. Very difficult at this time of their lives but oh so necessary.Wishing your parents (and you) well.

Paul B

A poignant post and beautifully documented. It may not have been a perfect day but it was a day, certainly to remember. Hope life takes a more positive turn for your upcoming week. Pxx


Love your photos and your journaling - this is exactly what scrapbooking is about - capturing it all


i love the way you have used jemma's first blog post for your LO/journalling. so sad for your parents to leave their home after such a long time. my parents live in a house which is way too big for them but they insist on staying there. one day they will i'm sure decide to move to something smaller but until then..........
Jo xxx


What a long day but at least the hard part of saying goodbye is over and hopefully you can all concentrate on the times ahead.

Lovely idea by the way for the layout for the blog hop :)


What an emotional day that must have been for you all. I have tears in my eyes just reading about it. My Mum left my childhood home recently, after almost 40 years there. It was the right thing to do, however difficult xx


Oh, what a gulp- making photo..

I can remember Jemma saying once somewhere that she couldn't understand the appeal of blogging lol I think maybe a few of us felt like that until we started


Well that wasn't quite what you expected on Friday Alexa - what a shame!! But equally I'm glad that you were there to help!
Thanks for your lovely way of helping me celebrate my Blogiversary - clever AND beautifully stylish (as ever)!


Oh what a shame Alexa - not what you wanted on such a difficult day! Glad that you were there to help though!

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my Blogiversary in such a clever and stylish way (as ever).


Sorry to hear that your parents last visit to their home was difficult. Wishing you all the very best for the months and years to come!


your photo and layout is very touching. your words are perfect - caring and poignant.


such a poignant post, hoping things are getting easier for you all xxx

Jacky S

What a great shame your parents 'goodbye' to their home ended so badly....but so perfectly documented by you.


What a lovely thought provoking record of a moving moving day.


Great job keeping up with your plan for WITL! And that last page is wonderful - I've enjoyed how you're recording this transition time.


Beautiful photos Alexa, especially of your parents having their last cup of tea in their home. It must have been an awful wrench and this really is a time of transition for all of you. Documenting, as you are, will be lovely to look back on one day, as sad and difficult as it is.


Oh that last layout tugs at my heart. Sometimes the biggest moments need the simplest pages, I think.

Kirsty Neale

So sorry you had such a rough day, Alexa, and hope things will pick up from here on in. It's so interesting to see how you're journalling the good and not-so-good side by side as a record of this point in your life (lives). I don't know if writing it down makes things easier (the old getting it off your chest thing?), but I'm guessing it will at least be fascinating to look back on when you're further down the line.

I also love that picture of your mum and dad in the last layout. Is it wrong to call parents adorable (because I think they are)?!


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