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Friday, 19 August 2011


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I love the idea of your post. It is amazing how quickly our kids grow up. Even though mine is only 13 I was looking at her the other day and trying to reconcile that little baby I brought home. It didnt work!

Paul B

Great fun post to read. I can but only imagine how excited you are at the prospect of having your family over to stay. Will that be four generations sleeping under one roof? Hope you are going to have a relaxing weekend before they arrive. Px

Jacky S

Love the way you've done this,Alexa.....and there's a lot in there that resonates with me!! Enjoy the time with your family.


What a clever post & such cute signatures at the end of each "letter."


Lovely post - better than the original (which is pretty good too) - love the photos and the tongue in cheek brilliance of the way you write!


Oh Alexa, you have made me smile hugely! I love this idea of 'letter' writing, I've not come across it before. You have such a lovely way with words, I really enjoyed reading your post and I'm still smiling inside.
How lovely your grandson is coming to stay. As I said in my last blog post, there is always another day for creating. Time with family is precious and not to be missed. Have a fun weekend and I hope the sun shines for you all.


Have a wonderful time with your family Alexa, I don't think there is anything better!


Have a lovely time with your grandson! I love your post, so funny!


What a lovely post, it really made me smile! Enjoy having your grandson come and visit - even if he does beat you at Angry Birds!

Jennie Hart

Brilliant post Alexa, as usual. Enjoy your family time, Jen xx


Luckily I don't mind losing - which makes me a rotton player of anything, according to DS! Thank-you for your lovely comment!


Glad it made you smile, Sandie! It was a lot of fun to do, and I think `i'll do it again in the future. :)


It will indeed be four generations, Paul! The problem is, I keep forgetting which one is mine!


What a fantastic way to "journal", will have to steal that idea! Wow, you are going to have a houseful shortly! Sorry you've lost your creative get away...


Love the photo collage Alexa! The envelope looks breathtaking! Thank you for your comment the other day, I think I probably have a thing or two to learn from Traci :) She is brilliant! Hope your weekend is going well :)


Thank you so much for the great read!!! You have a way with words and the whole idea is so very tempting! :) Have a great time with your grandson!


Dear Alexa, I'm sorry I'm only reaching this absolutely delightful post now. It has put a smile on my face before I go off to think about Sunday lunch! Thank you, yours admiringly, Sian


What an inspiring and beautiful way to express thoughts and feelings. Enjoy time with grandson #1...and isn't it shocking to find that your kids are as old as they are? It must be just them getting older..it certainly can't be us!!! A wonderful inspiring post!!!


Dear Alexa, this is such a lovely post - I'm so glad I read it! Lizzie


My dear Alexa, I was thrilled to see the photos you sent me of the mail art, it is absolutely stunning and had to require so much time. I think you should share all the pics in a post so that everyone can enjoy your talent. I do hope whoever decided it was too glorious to continue through the mail system has appreciated it. Have you beaten the little one at Angry Birds? The tech skills of young children astounds me!

Kirsty Neale

Dear Alexa,

I'd love to reciprocate with a comment as lovely and eloquent as those you always leave for me, but just now I am at something of a loss. What I really want to say is 'this is awesome', which is neither eloquent nor particularly lovely. But it is heartfelt, and I do have every intention of taking inspiration from your smart and hugely entertaining post. By which I mean, copying you and doing one of my own very soon (with credit, obviously - isn't that how plagiarism works these days?).

Yours (a little) shamefully,


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