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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


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Julie Kirk

Oh Alexa thank you so much for your lovely post! Not only am I thrilled you liked the collage I *love* that you made something with the contents of the parcel.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


Jennifer Grace

Your collage made with bits from the parcel looks fabulous! X


You can't beat a bit of physical cutting and sticking, especially when it has you thinking about a friend :)



Paul B

Oh yes it is beautiful, I agree. I can see why you couldn't resist. Such wonderful, pale colours. Superbly serene and elegant. Px


Love it! I think you should frame it and put it next to Julie's collage!!! ;)


What a lovely piece from Julie! And I really like your postal themed layout - all the bits & pieces work wonderfully together.

Jacky S

Love this postal collage....a wonderful way to use all the bits and pieces. And cutting,sticking and stitching is definately lovely.


Aw, this is so lovely! Love both your works of art :) Makes me all warm and fuzzy. Love the craft community.


Oh, I can see why you bought this artwork. The colours are lovely.
I'm going to miss Going Postal. Julie certainly stuck gold with that blog collection. I've been meaning to use her idea of sewing stamps & swatches onto card.

Carola Bartz

Doing the actual cutting and gluing and what else can be very satisfying. You did a great job with the postal collection.

kate adderley

love your layout, its great to use all the little bits and pieces and turn it in to a work of art, your a clever little chicky, also love the postal art, must try it one day, and thanks for leaving your lovely comments on my blog, lm grateful for people like you who look and then take the time to leave a msg , it makes my day.......thanks heaps.........kate

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