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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


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Love the layout of this one. So creative!!!


Wow - love it all, Alexa! I've had to do a quick browse in the interests of catching up, but - wow! xx


I have really enjoyed your posts recently but this one is just fantastic. Those sculptures are awesome and I so love your page.


The YSP is on my "list" of things I desperately want to do - I'll be showing this to Hubby to see if we can bump it up the running order a ̶l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ lot!!


Hi Jemma, and I think you'd really like it. The Jaume Plensa exhibition has been extended till January, so you have a few more months!


Thank-you, Karen, for letting me know, and I'm glad you liked it. They're even more impressive in real life!

Paul B

lol I'm slapping my head at being so dozy - when you said sculpture, I should have thought YSP!!! Having seen these works a few months back, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to live there. The room with the children's heads was very moving. I've not seen the liquorice ice cream before - I know what I'll be hunting down on my next visit :). Glad yo had a good day. It's one of my favourite places to go. Such a tranquil and green space. And you've captured it in another beautiful layout. Good to see that your WIML ends on a positive note. I don't know if it captures a typical fortnight for you but you seemed to have been on a roller-coaster through all the emotional spectrum. Pxx


This sculpture park is on my 'things to visit' list too and these photos reenforce my desire to visit.

Love how your pages have come together

Julie Kirk

I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! And I have an almost *identical* photo of J + the bunny girl mmmm ...


Liquorice icecream? I'll be keeping my eye out for that! Fascinating photos with plenty to look at. Of course (!)


Has starring in his own layout gone to his head? :) Amazing collection of photos. Liquorice ice cream - now that sounds interesting.


These sculptures fit beautifully into your template Alexa, it is as if they were meant to be! They must have been quite stunning to see as they look impressive on the screen.


A wonderful layout - looks like a neat place to visit. And it certainly does look like he was snuggled up to that bunny's leg!


This is fantastic Alexa! Those sculptures are quite large, would love a chance to see them up close :) Liquorice ice cream happens to be one of my favorites, I'm a big fan of Tiger ice-cream mostly :) Happy to hear you are finished, I will be working on finishing mine this Friday!


Beautiful photographs and you've reminded me about YSP - its years since I visited (daughter was at Bretton Hall which was on the same site) and I'd forgotten how amazing it is. Thank you for sharing, and the bunny girl is my favourite!


I have to admit I'm a little envious of your sculpture garden visit. So much wonderful art gathered in one place...amazing!

Kirsty Neale

OK, first Julie and now you - with two such discerning fans, I really do have to plan myself a trip to the Sculpture Park and soon. Although I'm guessing it's even more amazing in person, your layout is beautiful and really does do justice to the atmosphere and spectacle of the place. I might just live without the liquorice ice-cream, though...!


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