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Friday, 29 July 2011


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Hope the mid week mayhem has subsided and that your weekend is everything you would want it to be xxx

Paul B

Well I'm sure it'll be good to look back on an interesting week :) Be a bit dull if nothing happened. You can go back to a less chaotic life once WITL is over lol. Beautiful LO as always with brilliant photos. There's a picture of both you and dearest smiling at least. Those are the photos your children & grandchildren will cherish. Pxx

Paul B

After reading your post and then ploughing through my other blogs this morning - I noticed one with links to bag making sites - and seeing your purchase from Amazon, thought I'd pass it on.




Wow, that's a great link, Paul, thank-you! :) I just need now to be pointed to one which will deliver me 24 hrs tucked in between 12 and 12.01! :)


I'm having more of an end of week melt down .. well, not me, the children ... another photographic challenge in this week long project!
Good luck with making your way through the mayhem!

jo sowerby

you know sometimes from the mess comes beauty and this is a fab page. love the gr8 shot of DH openning the dishwasher, made me laugh. i am really liking your digital design. looking forward to putting my pictures onto a LO now I've found a LO design I like too,
Jo xxxx


Hope you get a realxing and peaceful weekend! Love the page, especially the long tall flower picture:)


Thank you for sending me away with a happy smile on my face at the thought of your good wishes! May your weekend be a lovely one

Paul B

Glad you like the link :) & if I find any spare time tucked away behind the wardrobe or under the bed, I'll be sure to send it your way :D Px


Such a great mix of subjects on your page, I love it! I was going to ask what you thought of the bag making book, but I'm guessing you've not found the extra 24 hours yet.

Jacky S

And why exactly is it that trimmers misbehave so often....when guillotines always manage to cut straight!!

Jennie Hart

Great page Alexa, it just shows that there is fun and beauty in the mundane which surely is the point of the class. Jen xx


Looks great to me! I've decided WITL is not working out for me this week and will try it another time. I'm going to work on a mini-album of Robbie's graduation this weekend instead.


Fab page - hoping that the mayhem reduces - but life would be dull without a few spanners wouldn't it? :D


Hope you recover from the week that was. Love love love your template for WITL!


Hi Jemma and thank-you for visiting, and your lovely comment. Right now, I'd settle for a spell of dull! :)


One of life's mysteries - but it's why I have a guillotine! ;)


Alas, not yet! But I have set a spare pair of reading glasses on top of it, to make it easier to get started when I have a moment. :)


Great page Alexa! I love the shot of your handbag/purse, I might have to get a shot of my own :) A yes, mayhem... It has poked it's head here as well! I hope your weekend has been well:)

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