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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


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I really like your journalling headings. I might try this another week. A bit of reflective self journalling. Might help me get more organised :)


I'm finding I start each day with super gusto and it tapers off mid afternoon. In the end it doesn't matter I suppose as I'm still getting a glimpse into life.
I like the reflective tone of your journaling too and I also plan to use some online news clips - that same shot was on our ABC yesterday.


like your approach of alternate days of recording and creating.

Jacky S

I think your double day approach will work well...and love the photo through the window to the garden.


I love your idea of taking one day to document, then the next to actually create the page! It is looking fabulous! I too have included the days headlines in my notes.


I'm enjoying all of it! It's funny, I've never been drawn towards doing this project myself and yet I have loved seeing what everyone else has been getting up to. As always your page design is a delight on the eye

Paul B

Brilliant layout to start your project with. It eloquently shows exactly what it's designed to. A snapshot into your life on that particular day. Plus, I envy you your view in the morning. Very tranquil. Fingers crossed that you find the time to make the next pages too over the coming days. Pxx


Your page is wonderful Alexa! I love the photo strip of your flowers... This project works well for making and doing whatever you like and I think the day in between is a great idea. I've also kept a list of the headline news as I think it's an important part of our day... lots of times that's what starts our conversations :)


What a lovely page! I have been taking photos & documenting our days the last two days, but am not yet sure how I will turn it all into an album. It may be next week before I share any of it, but at least I'm getting all the documenting done this week.


This is a lovely page, Alexa. I think it is important to adapt ideas to fit your own life style or ideas. I've not thought of doing this project but am beginning to like the idea.


Love the mix of topical, musings, glimpses and style - great pages!


Fabulous page! Can't wait to see the rest :)


The view of your garden looks lovely and it's nice to have an update on Gladys. The way you've chosen to take part obviously works for you as it looks fabulous.


wow your pages are gorgeous and so are your pictures. how wonderful your design and ideas are to capture and record your week in the life. love love this. thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. have a wonderful day.

Wanda Jorgensen

I'm glad you have the early morning view because it sounds like the rest of your day is jam-packed. BTW, I like how crisp and clean these pages look.

Kirsty Neale

Beautiful photos, great approach to the journalling (it seems very Monday-ish somehow!) and a beautiful, clean layout as ever.


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