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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


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I have thought about this quite a bit actually. Last year I had a lovely neat little system, of course this project was undertaken before the start of the great house revolution of 2010/2011/2012/20forever-it-seems-like-it, I wrote a great deal each day and had more than seventy photos to deal with on a daily basis.
This year I am still trying to capture an 'in the moment feel' but I am writing less, trying to be more succinct - a constant challenge - and treating the whole project as more of an overview. I think it will be an interesting comparison to last years WITL, they will be in the same album.


This is my first year doing this so I'm not sure. I do feel a bit short of time for things but I think that's just because of feeling I should spend time with my parents as they are visiting! So less time to focus and think about what is happening versus just jotting words down quickly :)

Jennie Hart

Interesting Alexa, I constantly feel that if I was more organised and thought more about what was coming up, I would be less frustrated by wasted time, money and effort. Problem is when I have time to plan ahead I like to feel free and not like i've got to do more planning and organising. Jen x


Hi Jen - I recognise that dilemma too! The only way around it I have found is to keep the planning and organising to short bursts and use pretty tools (e.g. notebook) and a cup of tea to make it enjoyable. :)


Hope you have a lovely time with them - and that's probably more important! I remember my DH reminding me when my DD was home for a weekend from university that it was more important to spend time with her than to scrapbook her. :)


That sounds a really interesting process, Amy - I'm seeing lots of different ways of focus for this week. Hope the house revolution is, well, evolving nicely!


These things are sent to try us Alexa. I hope your fortnight idea works for you it sounds very organised.

Jacky S

I certainly relate to the frustrations of not being organised enough...I know I tend to be a 'skimming in by the seat of my pants' type of person!!!!
The fortnight idea sounds like a really good one.


You do the little things so well!


Very thought provoking! I spent Monday simply recording my day and not really observing or reflecting. I have found myself reflecting more already today!

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