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Monday, 27 June 2011


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It's so lovely you could simply frame it!


I think this whole process is utterly amazing ... I am also quite interested in how you actually designed the papers in the first place, though, your photshopping skills leave me way behind and I am sure I'd have to take a few big gulps and then set aside two whole days just to understand it!


Was thinking frames too...3 white frames.

jo sowerby

i agree with sian frame it or else perhaps a nice quilt beginning?
jo xxxx

Paul B

These are wonderful - what a brilliant creative learning curve you've been on and resulting in some excellent fabrics. How about framing them in embroidery hoops and hanging them on the wall, as art pieces? Pxx

Jacky S

You could frame it....or make a fabric mini album....or how about some cushions.....perhaps for use at the allotment!!


I like the idea of using it to cover a book or album.


A bag! They would make a gorgeous bag!


So glad it worked! I have managed to find a UK source for Bubble Jet Set 2000 so might just have to buy a bottle. Unfortuantly the last fabric I printed was not washable so I would love to do it again knowing that the print is permenant.

Thanks so much for sharing this Alexa, not only did I find a source but they also sell lots of other amazing craft materials and products that I've not readily seen before.

You don't know what you have started!!


Oh I'm so excited to see that it worked. I love Paul's idea of framing in embroidery hoops or what about a journal?

Julie Jeavons

Didn't you call it on the allotment? So it has to be something gardening related. An short apron with pockets. A hanging pocket thingy to keep seeds in. Cushions for your garden chairs. bunting for the garden.


I'm in awe of the whole process, but I'd vote for some kind of bag that you could use on a daily basis! The fabrics are gorgeous!

Kirsty Neale

OK, you've inspired me - I've had a bottle of Bubble Jet Set for a few months now, but haven't got around to using it. I love printing on fabric, but mostly on non-wash projects. It's time I took the plunge, although I've no idea what I want to make at the moment either, so might just keep watching you for that piece of inspo, too!

You prints are completely wonderful, btw.


Lois Houston

if you decide not to frame them, which I think is a lovely idea, then maybe a tote or some pillows? The fabric (and patterns) are beautiful!


It's lovely fabric. How about following my blog tutorial to make some bookcloth (http://lizziemade.blogspot.com/2011/01/making-bookcloth-for-bookbinding-heat.html), then using it to make covers for a special journal or scrapbook? You could cover some boards and use book rings to bind loose pages together, or make a more permanent book, using another of my tutorials about making notebooks (http://lizziemade.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-i-did-on-friday-or-how-i-make.html)!!
Just an idea... for when you get some time... :-)

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