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Friday, 24 June 2011


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Diane Herman

What a beautiful story and so beautifully written. And I love the way you have interpreted the sketch. Thank you for joining in :)
My 3 strawberries will be playing netball and dancing...and the little bit of cream...is sharing that time with them :)


Alexa, I really like how you have combined interesting type and colour on this layout and enlarging the photos and the text area really fills the page and adds so much emphasis to those delicious looking strawberries!

Jacky S

Wonderful photos.....and your story reminds me of the time we went strawberry picking and watched open mouthed as a family picked strawberries.....sat down....got out the pot of cream.....and proceeded to dip their strawberries and eat them....without paying for a single one!!!!!


lovely story Alexa! So love your wish for our stawberries of life! I can report that mine have tons of cream on them at the moment!


I love your story and the photographs to go with it. It all makes a wonderful page. I have never seen strawberries and grass together before!


Oh, this is lovely! I've never seen that done before. We will be having strawberries and cream tonight - the cream was free with the strawberries in Sainsburys yesterday (not quite the same as picking your own though)


Lovely, lovely memory captured so beautifully.


Beautifully and very touching story. I love the colours in your layout.

Karen W

Beautiful story, beautiful writing, and beautiful photographs make for quite a stunning layout!


Alexa this is just gorgeous - the story and the layout. Love it. And am imagining how hard it is to thread the strawberries onto the grass? but how fun to find them growing wild!

Wanda Jorgensen

Pretty page. I especially like how you shaped your journaling around the letter "f"...that's a really nice style touch. And how special is it that you recorded your mother's childhood memory here? Love it!


I imagine it's quite hard to thread the strawberries. The black background looks very striking on your page with the green,red and white. Funny I've just scrapped about strawberry picking too.

Alison McInnes

Love the LO and the story..I also have never heard of threading strawberries on grass-I can only imagine how hard that must be to do!
Alison xx

Emma Kirton

Great story and the layout is great as well. Love have you have added the little scallop features to the sides. Thanks for taking part in our challenge.

Paul B

Well i learn something new everyday!!! I've neither heard of nor seen strawberries threaded onto grass before. What a lovely idea from days past. We have wild strawberries in our garden too but we rarely eat them. Can't imagine having only a small teaspoon of cream. Tonight, I'm treating Nick & I to homemade Eton Mess with blueberries and strawberries and there'll be more than a teaspoon of cream too lol. Pxx


What a beautiful memory for your mum to share Alexa :) Love the scalloped borders!

Nicole S

Wow!! Amazing layout and such a gorgeous story! THANK YOU so much for sharing this with us. x


Hmmm... something I must do with the kids!! You are going to have some fantastic stories from your Mum's childhood when it's all said and done!


Hi Alexa

We where hoping we could use you page for our Challenges Submission post this weekend.
If so would you be able to email me a copy.
[email protected]
Thanks so much

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