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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


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Hi Alexa, a thoughtful blog and I know where you are coming from. When my Dad died it was really hard to part with his records, art materials, and 'stuff'. It felt part of him and who he was and I did bring lots of it home as my Mum needed to clear her own space (physically as well as mentally). I still have boxes and boxes or records. I have managed to clear some of it but so understand the feeling it is all too much. Like you, I also need to clear my own. Good luck with supporting your parents. It really is hard letting go sometimes.


Hang in there, Alexa. Some things just need to be given time, if not space.

laura m

Your journalling is so honest and thought provocking. Well done you for getting it out and journalling it. x x

Jacky S

When constantly meeting the needs of others....having your own space is so important.


Yes, a thought provoking entry Alexa! Good luck with the space clearing, I know it's not easy!


I can really feel with you here. Every time I go to visit my Mum now, she tries to press armfuls of stuff on me. It's as if she is trying to clear everything now so we don't have to do it later.

So I'm wishing you all the best with the rearranging and sorting and fitting it in.


It's difficult isn't it. Sometimes my Mum's way of having a clearout is to give me 'stuff'. Stuff that I can sometimes do without and then she gets upset when I've got rid of things which prompts me to think why did she give it to me in the first place? I hope you can find a solution soon that you are all happy with.

Julie Kirk

I think it's wonderful that you can be so open here and that you're online 'space' can be your breathing space. Maybe in sharing your struggle you'll hit a nerve with someone reading this and maybe that's what it's all for. As difficult as it is. x


Oh Alexa, I so know what you are saying, I see it in my work and have experienced it first hand. 'walk away, for just a little while, physically and/or mentally' is a brilliant coping strategy. This is not the place to expand, but judging by everyone else's comments, blogging is a great way to walk away mentally. Sending love. xx

Sarah (Sasa)

I craft, my hubby is a musician and we both like collecting junk....so know your dilemma. Was at my parents house last week and I had the thought "What will we do with all of this when it's time..." My dad is a mechanic with 50 years worth of stuff in the garage... At the moment it's just an overload of tomato plants I have to contend with.
Sigh, a tough call. Hoping you will find strength, peace and balance.
Hope you might call by Friday for the first My Mojo Monthly. Thanks for sharing today.
Sarah at 6.

Paul B

I don't have a problem on the scale you do at present but I can completely understand the frustration of dealing with too much stuff. We chip away at what we have amassed in our home but not to a satisfactory level. The garden is the same. And let's not even mention my craft room which seems full to bursting and lacking in space no mater how many times I clear it out. Hope it all starts feeling calmer soon. Pxx


Love your journaling, I have the same ongoing fight to get rid of some things, but after many years of trying I am getting slightly better at it>


Well, I can join all of you! My Mom seems to be doing the same, every weekend I come home with a bag of something to get rid of. Last week it was all her knitting patterns from years ago and although I know they need to 'go' there is a bit of me that wants to hang on to them as they are part of my history too, oh its so difficult!


My MIL is the culprit over here, she is rather like the both of us and likes to cull - but she thinks that I want her culled items .... hmmmm, I do have a good excuse at the moment though - I have no cupboards built!

Wanda Jorgensen

Well done LO...just the right touch on the journaling and I like that you monotoned the photos because it made all the items seem generic which, of course, is how lots and lots of stuff together looks! I feel for you on the possessions and the emotions associated with them...so very difficult.


I can relate. Seems like my house and life is full of everything of everyone's that didn't want it anymore. I quit saying no thanks and now take it and sell it or pass it on to someone who does want it if I don't I tell the giver that and I think that they think I will keep it once it is here but...if not the guilt is on my head. I have broad shoulders! I can cope! Vickie #39

Karen W

I can't imagine how hard this must be, but your post brought home to me the need to start cleaning out here in earnest. My father died many years ago now, and I've just recently been able to let go of some of the things I brought home when we cleaned out his house.

Lunch Lady Jan

Thank you for your lovely comments for this first timer! I sympathise with your predicament as my parents are determined to shift their stuff too. I now take everything and recycle/take to charity shop/bin without them knowing. It's hard though xxxx


My sister and I have already thought about how hard it would be to try and sort out our parents house! They are both hoarders but for different reasons I think. I think I have inherited the hoarding gene, I find it really hard to throw things away as I have the 'just in case' or 'might come in handy' mentality! Good luck with it all, your layout is really effective and I think the overlapping photos and monochromatic effect suits the 'mood' and style.


Oh, I felt what you're going through and how hard it must be to say no....Patsy from



I really felt for you here - such a difficult place to be. Hope you manage to sort it all out without too much pain ....


Hi Alexa :) I know what you are going through as this is what we did with my parents last fall and it was not easy at all. Much of the things my dad had were burned. At the time it was almost unbearable for him. Seeing them this past weekend in their new space was wonderful. They are so happy where they are and it makes it easier on us knowing that. It will get sorted out and things will be better :) Take care.

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