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Sunday, 01 May 2011


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Jennie Hart

I love your story, the ironing cost might have been a bit steep though. I possibly would have caved at that point, well done you.

Jacky S

Just hope you still manage to get a look in on 'your' computer!!!!


Alexa, you are indeed cool - Himself is too - what a great first effort!
I am very glad that no bungee jumping was attempted ;-)


Congratulations to The Back-Room Boy! Very nice page (the journalling made me smile). You certainly are "cool" though - he's right there!
Thanks for sharing your digi secrets with us less practised folks - and thanks to Himself for kindly test-driving the templat. Now I shall feel more brave about trying it too.


Alexa, this put such a smile on my face this morning! Because last night I was reading your pdf and thinking I could get my husband to follow the instructions, then he could help me and I could say - look what I did! lol

Wonderful story of marital cooperation and teamwork :)


Oh this really made me smile - thank you so much - you are indeed cool! Gives me confidence to have a little try myself. Many thanks to Himself for the proof of the puding! J x


I loved reading this! Well done to Himself, that is a really cool page! And well done to you too for providing such good instructions!

Wanda Jorgensen

Alexa, this is a fun story, and he did a great job with the template!

Paul B

Wonderful blogpost Alexa and another superb link. It's such an addiction reading everyone's blogs. Haha who has time for a James Bond Film???? Glad to see your road tester passed his creative test :) Px


....mmmmmm you could have started something now Alexa, he might want another go. Will you have a willing guinea pig for future pdfs or was this a one off?


great story Alexa! So glad the back-room boy was a willing guinea pig!

jo sowerby

i love himself and his LO is brilliant. also the title is pretty perfect. :-)).
love these stories u tell with all the conversation, so wonderful to remember,
Jo xxx


Oh Alexa this is such fun, I love how you tell a story. My mother always said 'himself' so that's extra nice for me to hear her in my head.


Love this post and especially the bungee jumping sub title.


You just have to love his quirky sense of humour!


Ahhh! I didn't know that ... Glad it connects you with something which brings fond memories. :)


I am hoping this won't be a one-off - though will depend on my willingness to iron! Of course, if anyone else would like to volunteer ... :)


Thank-you. Wanda - I will let him know, and he'll be delighted with the praise. :)


Yes, we do get there, mostly!


!!! Me too!


A great story Alexa. I don't think my husband would be quite so willing to attempt digi, but yours did a great job.


The boy did good! Lovely story, and what a great first digi effort from him.


Fabulous! I love dialog-base stories.



OOh sounds like you paid quite heavily for his help, cooking is fine, washing up is ok but ironing really don't like that one much!! One day I will try digi scrapping but not even sure what exactly I need to start lol!!


I think that bridge is just fine for bungee jumping ... if you are a Borrower :D
Great first page from Himself ... off to check out the PDF now!

Oh and he's right ... Alexa IS cool!


Great story - the boy did good! I think he has a hidden talent!


I Love the title! And, I must admit that that would be my sort of bungee jump.

Hannah Mullens

Hi Alexa, I've given you a blog award over at my blog, I hope you like it. Please don't feel you have to blog it though, I know many people don't have time :)
Hannah :)


lol, Love the page and the story. TFS.


Good story. There's quite a bit of that give 'n take at our house too when it comes to the honey-do list.


What a fun story & Himself did a great job with the template instructions. Good luck with the ironing.


Well..it's now Tuesday..and I'm a little late coming here..but I just love this to bits!! What a wonderful little story..and so beautifully told. Am going to have to check out this weekly story-telling thing myself!!!


Wow - hooray for Himself! And hooray for your blend of flattery and bribery ;)

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