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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


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Ooh yes, they are marvellous!

Weather is the same here too, though we are heading for winter so I suppose it is to be expected! Good luck with all the final preparations :-)

Alexa, one day when you have time ... I know, whenever that may be, I'd like your opinion on blogging through typepad - with all my blogger problems I am thinking I need a change!


Alexa were you/are you an English teacher or a writer? hmmm... I think your blog would look lovely as a book. The stones... they are pretty and wonderful that you can bring them to life in your kitchen. Your preparations are so thoughtful and I'm sure your parents will appreciate all the care you have taken.


Your way with words, descriptions and photograph for this post is simply amazing.

Jacky S

It sounds like you are living in a different country to us,Alexa.....though I know you don't.....we'd love some of your rain.....but not the wind. The stones look beautiful......I have some very large beach stones in my garden.....and I love them.

Paul B

They're going to look beautiful and admired, wherever you finally place them Alexa. Each has it's own unique shape and texture. Maybe it'll inspire you to sketch them. Good luck with your parents move and I hope it all goes smoothly. Hard to believe it's finally happening for you :) Pxx


Lovely post! This is why I follow your blog:) Good luck with your parents move.


Love those stones in a long line. Growing up we always had a wooden bowl full of stones that we had collected on various walks.

Julie Kirk

And at the right moment, in a careful hand, they can be light enough to skip across the water, carefree ...

Thinking of you. xx


interesting post, I love stones, always have, there is still a huge stone (actually a rock!) propping open a door at my parents house, one I insisted on bringing home from the beach one day! Great photograph, all those different shapes and colours!


Howling wind round here too, the kind of weather which makes us all grateful for safe shelter.

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Wow - this post is so beautiful. Your writing, your photo, your subject matter...perfect!


The stones look gorgeous Alexa. Good luck with the move. x


Stone the crows! That's a beautifully written piece of prose!


What a lovely post Alexa!


I can resonate with this, Alexia. Lovely words.. stones are so grounding and reaffirming.


Wow!! I am in such awe of your writing...
Fantastic picture!

Karen W

They are wonderful lined up like that . . . and your writing is equally wonderful!


Amazing to see the colors and patterns that nature offers. If we only stop to look..to see!

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