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Friday, 13 May 2011


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looks gorgeous! I bet it made your day!


That is so lovely! What a changes from bills! Jen x


Now that would be a good thing wouldn't it - if blogging revived mail that we can hold in our hands, pull out from a drawer when we want to be cheered, that can be shared with a friend over a cup of tea ...


It would indeed, Jemma!


Now thats the sort of mail I would love to receive - my girls love getting letters but they are so rarely received now.

Jacky S

It's gorgeous,Alexa......I am so loving this mail art exchange. I posted some yesterday and the Post Office assistant actually commented on it and asked how it was made!


What a little work of art it is! I'm thrilled to think that my choice of the Mail Art book had a little hand in this. Wow.


Gorgeous, what a lovely thing to receive!


That is a fun card! Yes, the mail art has even inspired me to decorate envelopes of other items I'm sending out. So much fun!


Oh, what a lovely post Alexa. I find it so interesting that I did a collage on the mail art and then you took the variety of shots - letting me see it in a whole new way. You made my art even more artistic. Wouldn't it be nice if you and I and Ginger and Sian were all sitting at the same table scrapping someday? Oh I wonder what we could create.


Oh I love Susanne's mail! I always seem to miss the regular postwoman who was very interested in the mail I sent off to Jacky, whereas the young girl doesn't say boo, although she was thoughtful on where to place the label this last time! I'm so happy to see everyone enjoying this :)


what gorgeous mail you have received from Susanne! A joy to see such gorgeousness on the doormat I am sure!


Alexa, I LOVE your writing. Sitting here on my days off, with a cuppa (prefer coffee in the mornings), readying your blog just makes my morning. Thank you!! I SO know that love of snail mail, not only the discovery in the mail box but the feel in your hand. The handwriting.

Wanna be snail mail, artsy, scrappy pals with another "Yankee"? LOL... I'm not a card gal but could challenge myself. If you're interested, email me. Addy is on my blog (you've been there).


What a lovely thing to spy on your doormat:)
Thankyou for your kind comments on the LO of my daughter last week. Fiona x

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