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Friday, 20 May 2011


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Oh what a great layout and hilarious subject! I just completed a layout with patterned paper background myself! Your worked perfectly for this layout.


I love it Alexa, it is always fantastic to read your journaling and those shoes look mighty cute to me! Thanks for giving this a go!


LOL! Wonderful layout Alexa :) I think those shoes are very cute and would find lots to go with them should you not ;)


Lovely layout - didn't notice it was a take on amy's sketch until you said. Know that feeling with shoe buying.

Julie Kirk

When we first moved in to our house there were so many peachy tones going on everywhere that we called in 'the house of orange'. I made such a fuss of getting rid of it all that I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm rather fond of it again now! Your shoes are just lovely - how about just a necklace in the same colour - or a patterned bag with orange and lots of neutrals?

If you *had* to have them, chances are they'll end up as firm favourites worn with everything. x


Glad I am not the only one - that's very comforting and thank-you!


I'll be over to have a look :).


Oh, yes, accessorizing would be more possible than a garment! Sounds like more shopping is in order. :)


I'm not going to let Himself know that, Ginger, in case he decides to find some brown paper and string! :)

Paul B

Your shoes look lovely Alexa. Especially with the lace bows. And they'll go perfectly with a pair of blue jeans if you own any. Your LO is beautifully executed as always. And it's nice to see you diving right in there with a bold, bright colour. Pxx


I do like a patterned paper background :)

I have an orange handbag - and I have found it looking good with grey this summer


LOL - I'm a coloured shoe fan so I am rather envious of these. I think it's wonderful to look down and see something bright on our dull pavements and tired grass. Buy some matching earrings and you're dressed to impress (or at least catch the eye)!


Love the shoes, love the layout and love the colour - what more can I say?


Now, like you, not an Orange gal myself... Not to wear anyway. However, those shoes are divine!! How could you not buy them? Love your prose. Want to come and do my journaling for me? Fantastic layout!


LOL - they are cute shoes. I bet they'd look awesome with jeans. I feel the same way about orange myself :)


I love the shoes. It's funny how tastes in colours change. I couldn't stand yellow or orange a few years back. Today I'm wearing a yellow cardigan, planning to paint my hallway yellow and think this carigan is very cute and looks like it would go perfectly with your new shoes :D http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10001_10001_120010400815_-1?CMP=AFC-AWIN-86480&awc=2194_1302208376_ac38f98a44335ad594a7bea96deed282&CMP=AFC-AWIN-78888&awc=2194_1305912067_3c113120e127c71a318cf245f2bae6ed

Jacky S

Lovely to see you using patterned paper,Alexa.....just think....if you'd got rid of it all.....how would you have made this wonderful LO.....I think you need to hang on to it.....just in case!!!!!!


Ooooh! just my kind of shoes, with my white skirt or denim or just buy something new! I have a pile of that paper and it has never looked that good to me until now, Alexa you are a genius!


I love your shoes Alexa. Great photo of them especially with the patterned background. If it was me orange beads would be on my shopping list. Have fun accessorizing


I just love the conversation. I'm not a shoe girl myself, so really neutral on that. Have fun creating a happy outfit with them though!


I love those shoes! They are Ace! Do you have some nice blue jeans, Alexa, because they would look totally and absolutely wonderful with jeans! Also a striped "French Matelot" top (preferably navy & white rather than a red version!!), would set them off a treat. Add a cheery red or green cardi, if you have one, or else grey, worn French-style (rolled at the top, sleeves over your shoulders with the cuffs put together then turned over, to hold them together). You will look super-chic! The Shoes will Make the jeans, top and cardigan into an Outfit!
By the way, I'm not at all jealous of those wonderful shoes... not one bit... (sssss)

Lois Houston

LOVE the shoes. LOVE the page (and the color!) I would be in a similar dither, though, as I have no orange in my wardrobe at all...

Karen W

I've been known to come home with just the right shoes in what seems like an odd color. I'm quite sure you'll find just the right outfit(s) for them. I love the shoes, the layout, and the story! :-)

Deb @ PaperTurtle

Awesome layout, Alexa! I love that you put the journaling and photo together and printed them on the same sheet. Very good time-saving and aligning-the-journaling tip!

And the shoes are super cute too! :) (PS: I came from Amy's blog...)

Wanda Jorgensen

Those fab shoes would go great with jeans. You will have to do a follow-up LO when you complete the outfit!

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