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Monday, 09 May 2011


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Jennie Hart

Aaah one of crafting life's little mysteries! What I come up against is how come after spending so much money on so much stuff, I quite need something I haven't got? I know we all come up against that.
Yesterday I was scrapping with a mini kit that a friend gave me. I usually make all my embellies and bought all the stuff to do that, now I want kits, no I don't, No I Don't.


mm and how can I have lost the very thing I had in my hand only moments ago!! I can sometimes see the appeal of digi scrapping.


You have my sympathy - only yesterday I managed to drop an ink pad upside down on the carpet. Nobody else will notice though, because it is on a bit of floor usually covered by patterned paper.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished page


LOL - can totally relate


It's looking great - can't wait to see the finished project. What I'd like to know is where did that picture (non-digital) go that I wanted to use.

Jacky S

And how come I have stack loads of plain card....but never the exact shade I need????
The LO is looking great though.

Jacky S

A thought on the buttons.....silicone glue really does work!


LOL! This really make me smile Alexa! I love Sian's comment about the ink spot in the carpet usually being covered by patterned paper! My query at the moment is how come I use all scraps to make several LOs but the scraps pile doesn't look any smaller!

Paul B

Gorgeous - that rich poppy red, on the letters, works beautifully set against a black background. And yes, I Know what you mean about how a small amount of crafting can make a large amount of clutter. If you ever find out how to resolve it - do let me know the secret lol. Pxx


Do you think it is a universal fact that all scrapbookers will have a random piece of paint somewhere in a room that has previously been used for scrapbooking? Looks like it ended up a beautiful layout in the end and I'm sure that those buttons will stay put, after all when you glue something and then change your mind, it's always impossible to shift so if you used that same glue ....


If you've seen my bag full of papers you know how disorganized I am. When I first started doing paper collages I had a brilliant idea while at the shore... do it on the porch! Works only if there is not even a whisper of a breeze. Not sure how much paper I lost. :-/

Live and learn, and keep plugging along!
Your page looks great.


Lovely layout Alexa - I too get so cross with myself because I cannot find something I had in my hand, literaly seconds ago but then again how can anyone find anything in all the mess I make when scrapping?


I'm trying really hard after my big tidy up to put things back where I found them. I find it so much easier to create when I can see things though rather than trying to remember what's put away........ok maybe I'm just trying to explain why I'm messy.


LOL yes, I have a patch of cerulean blue hue.


Super colour contrasts - and as to the stash problems - I think I can safely say that anything I really need had been left behind when I'm out at a crop, and whenever I've re-organised my stash it will take one scrapping session to de-organise it while I search for the perfect paper/ribbon/brad!


I'm with Jacky, I don't have a lot of patterned paper - as cardstock is my thing ... BUT, I never seem to have the right shade!


lol, Funny. I was telling my DH yesterday why it takes me so long, I lose letters I have ready for titles, bling goes missing, ribbon I cut. It must get stuck to me then I go somewhere and it falls over cuz I find in the most strangest places, IF I'm lucky to find at all. Gah. Love the page!

Hannah M

This did make me laugh Alexa, as I can sympathise, it always seems to happen doesn't it. Why is it we don't seem to learn from the scrapping mistakes, like putting lids on boxes? We learn from other mistakes but not scrapping related ones !! :D


Ha Ha this is so funny Alexa, I'm with you all the way on point 2! and the larger the page I am doing the longer it seems to take. Looking forward to seeing your finished page, Red and black, stunning.

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