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Friday, 27 May 2011


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Very moving journalling and an awesome photo!


as we are thinking of doing the same I found this journalling very moving.


Beautiful journalling and the picture is just right!


This is lovely Alexa. There will always be sadness but to have joy in your life is a precious thing and not everyone is fortunate enough to experience it. I am sure that you will x


Wonderful photo and beautiful words.


I think I would have to join you with the 'photo journaling', there are times when I think I could break free and give the 'art' part a go, but it isn't really me at all!

I think you have combined a beautiful photo with some extremely moving thoughts :-)


Photo journaling is a fab idea, and a great version of art journaling! And oh, this journaling is just beautiful xx


What a moving post, love the sentiment and journaling, love the photo but unsure about the promise of slugs!

Karen W

I am often moved by your scrapbooking, but I think today's page may be one of your most beautiful. Having lost both my parents already, I was touched by your words in ways that surprised me. (No, you do not need any photo other than the one you have here.)


Only you can bring tears and a smile in the same post Alexa. I saw a quote that I thought very apt 'Let me ask you something, what is not art?'


What can I say except that I'd like to echo all of your other well deserved comments on this one. It's very moving. I think a lot about permanence and loss at this time of year, so this one spoke to me today.

Jacky S

A wonderful moving post,Alexa.....and you would be so wonderfully good at photo journaling.


Am sat in a line of cars, waiting to pick son-son up, and am crying my eyes out. Wonderful stuff, Alexa, truly wonderful. I often slip pages like this in the scrapbooks, often with no photo, just a little thought captured on paper, with a nod to future generations who might happen across them and then know me, and us, a little bit better. Love it, thank you so much for sharing. Every post is like a breath of fresh air.


fantastically beautiful post in every sense of the word xxx


it's beautiful Alexa - and no doubt you are both right. But you've definitely captured the feelings and the conundrum of the moment.

Wanda Jorgensen

This is a beautiful, heartfelt page. I love how you crafted the journaling as the conversation you had on this topic. Not only will you have the joy of having your parents with you over the next years, you will also have the satisfaction of having done the right thing.


Only you can touch our hearts and souls with your words and outlook on life.


This IS art journaling, in absolutely every sense of the phrase and the emotion evoked. Absolutely!

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