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Friday, 15 April 2011


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What you are doing is superb Alexa, extra pages are always nice but they are not needed with your comprehensive summaries :-) I think you have caught the essence of the month beautifully.

Paul B

Another beautiful page Alexa. Your album is going to look superb when 2011 draws to an end. Can't wait to see what you do for April :) Px


It really is a winning format Alexa - your creative imagination is perfectly fine! Glad that DS has embraced colour in his life though.


You've captured some great photos on you layout and I like the blended one. And you could never be accused of having a lack of creative imagination :)

Jennifer Grace

The blended photos look really good together, and I like the colour green running through it, it's nice and bright! Looks like a lovely visit. x


I love the blended photos - the "busyness" of it really captures what life is like with little ones.


It's a gorgeous green :) - the utility room where we have our coat tree has a couple of cupboards in a very similiar shade. I LOVE the blended photo look - it really supports your them of business and doing lots of things all at once

Lois Houston

I just LOVE the layout! and the colors, too! I really admire your design skills. I feel like such a beginner compared to your pages, but you give me great ideas! :-)


Fabulous Alexa, just fabulous.


I'm permanently behind, but it's been great to catch up here :-) This is lovely!


great work, love the blending


Absolutely love those blended photos, so clever and so effective! This is a fab layout and I'm loving the green!


Hello Alexa:) I love how you organized this layout, and the colours are fresh and springy. I also wanted to thank your for your comment the other day on my blog:)


Hi, I've come over from BBFS to say hi, great colours on your pages.


White is good :)
Love these pages...will be keeping up-to-date with your monthly up-dates.

Karen W

Another simply fabulous layout! Blending those photos may have been a trial, but it was sure worth it. I've never tried to do that, and wouldn't have a clue where to start.


Your page is fabulous! The colors look great on my screen. I love how you blended all the photos so seemlessly.


Your journaling is beautiful Alexa, it tugged at my heart x


Just popped in via Shimelle's class. I LOVE your blog! it is just how I aspire mine to be!!!! Thanks for the inspiration:)


Hi Linda and lovely to see you! Thank-you! Hoping you find lots of inspiration from Shimelle's class - I'm looking forward to it too. :)

Kirsty Neale

This is *such* a clever way of rounding up a month, and it doesn't hurt that it looks so amazing, either!

My dad was 65 a few weeks ago, and decided he wants to keep a diary of his year. In order to make this (a) easier and (b) more likely (ha!), I bought him a scrapbook album and some divided page protectors, so he could slot in quick, single memo cards/notes and photos instead of having to always write something at length. I think will direct him over here, though, as something like your layout would really appeal to him, too. Not that his version would be anywhere near as aesthetically pleasing, but still... ;)

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