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Wednesday, 06 April 2011


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The alternate reality sounds far more enticing. Good luck with your studies!

karen Moss

Sorry you have to study but maybe you can walk on the beach at the weekend.

Jacky S

Yes....no.1 sounds by far the better alternative.....but hope the studying isn't too taxing.


Another beautiful photo - work hard and look forward to play :D


Ah, well, we can't always have what we'd prefer... I wish you luck with your studying - and a trip to the seashore, very soon!


Work hard, study well, and hurry back. We'll miss you.

Rhonda ~ Roban Studio

Ah yes, the beach! I'm right there with you. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. :-)


May your studies be productive and painless!

Carola Bartz

I hope it passes quickly and you get a lot of studying done. I'm so glad you signed up for the class - I'm sure you will love it!


Good luck with the studying - its hard when you would rather be doing something else. Thank you for your email - I have been following your blog for a while but have only recently become brave enough to start commenting. I have included a link to my blog this time.


I hope you get lots done and get back to a bit of 'you' time soon :)


Very best of luck with your work Alexa x


How wise of you to know that ' sometimes, something, has to take a back seat' good luck & 'see' you soon x


Poor you - hope it goes well xx

Karen W

The photograph is so enticing, I was sorry to hear that you'd be looking at a computer monitor instead. I hope the time is productive!

jo sowerby

my favourite kind of photo, the seaside. hope u get the work done asap so u can relax and enjoy other things. i have done my fair share of studying and am always reading something useful, but i feel the need to study full or part time has now left the building. i believe 2 degrees and a post graduate diploma is enough dont you?
Jo xxx

Paul B

Hi Alexa - thanks for your very kind comments on my blog :) You asked about the fabric flower. I made it using a plastic template from Clover. They do a whole range of them. I found an example of the Kanzashi Flower Maker Round Petal Small Size which I have - it can be see here...


I bought mine from Abakhan in Manchester - they sell a whole range of templates. If you go, they are in the craft shop at the back of the store.

Hope this helps. Pxx

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