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Monday, 25 April 2011


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Clothes are off and i'm the pool ready to go...and its raining and cold here in Oz today. Maybe a bit to keen lol
All jokes aside...let the fun begin...i'm keen for a challenge :)


Hoping to find the time for a bit of skinny dipping :)


I think Alexa might just be an Australian at heart! ;-) I'm keen as well. Its a bit hotter up here in the north (of Australia) sounds like great fun.

Jennie Hart

Yes please Alexa, I will really look forward to this!


Count me in Alexa :)


I forgot to say, now that is a bluebell wood to die for! X

Jacky S

May be brave....and give it a try!!


A year ago I would have been watching from a safe distance..today I'm thinking I could creep a little closer..

Sounds like a wonderful plan Alexa


Mmm could be tempted - will definitely drop by to take a look.


I'll be here with bells on (and I guess nothing else since we are skinny dipping)!


sounds really interesting but I don't have a clue about digi and don't have photoshop elements!! I will definitely come over and take a peek xxx


Sounds interesting! I have yet to dip my toes into all things digi, so will definately pop back and have a peek! Thanks Alexa

Paul B

I'm watching and waiting with baited breath...:)

Karen W

Can't wait, but I'll be on the road until the middle of May so I'll have to wait until my return to stick my toes in the water! Thanks.


Oh this sounds like fun Alexa!! I'll be back :)

Lois Houston

What a great idea! I am all in! :-)


Oh how very generous of you I'm up for trying - see you Wednesday :)


Sounds fun! Love the ad inspiration!

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